The builds i use requires pictish and khitan DLC

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  • heavy pictish armor 760 armor +9 str and 2 star heat resist

  • medium khitan armor 440 armor + 9 str and 2 star cold resist
    bring mistmourn and solsteim(SP)
    both are needed to avoid useless build change from heat to cold

  • having lost blade of the adventurer to a lag fest in the volcano and the constant fps rollercoaster during a stunlock… pteor 2 handed sword ( +5 enc) venom infused dagger, the grim( they make almost no aggro and you can chain hit) lifeblood spear (teamed with herbal tea and aloe soup and t4 vit bonus its insane healing tea regen boost and 4 healing boost from food spear and tea)

  • the stats for the above build

str 31 agi 10 vit 40 acc 0 grit 10 enc 11 sur 20

  • gathering build

str 21 agi 10 vit 40 acc 0 grit 10 enc 25 sur 20

kithan heavy +9 enc for cold weather since there is no medium or light for cold with enc
bearer helm with weight reduction +5 enc
pteor 2 handed sword +5 enc
light armor weight reduc mod +4 enc
andbring miostmourne to reduce the effect of heat in the volcano and bringsome ice tea and ice
and a named bearer because 25 carry slot is always good to have around.
do not bring your thrall int he voclano since lava is scripted the same as water it will commit suicide.

i am opened to more suggestion

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