The Case of the Missing Blacksmith

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Need a spot of help friends.

Unfortunately I had my Wheel of Pain on the Isle of Siptah disappear last night. As this was a glitch and not my own fault, I am using the Admin Panel to replace my lost Thralls. I lost Olga the Headclever (now recovered) a converted T3 black corsair taskmaster (now recovered), and a Blacksmith. Now here it the part where I need help; I cannot recall her name.

*She was a T4 Stygian Blacksmith, female with olive skin, long dark hair. I found her at Baywatch Camp in the Savanah biome on the wooden platform near the hardened steel cage.

She had specialty (eg-Tempersmith), but I can not recall what it was. Her named sounded rather ‘Stygian’, something along the lines of Khalotep the … (but possible wrong or slightly different). Thus far I have been unsuccessful in locating her in the Admin Panel or the official Wiki. And often google just shows up Baywatch the movie or series when I try to search for her.

Can someone please give me some clues as to who this Thrall may be? Anyone found similar female Blacksmiths there? She needs to come home. Someone please, help me bring her home.


If I understand correctly ps4 is having thrall spawn admin command issues and won’t fully work so spawning them might not work but I see if I can find her


I had a look through a couple of files I’ve got that supposedly list all t4 crafters (but are out of date - though relatively recent) - I was able to identify the following as ‘stygian’ (relic hunters) female blacksmiths, in case any of the names look familiar -
Hat-Zepet Forgeguard
Teph Steeped-In-Fire
Anora Steelfingers
Nut-Makra Blackened-Fingers
Ka-Put the Blacksmith

However - looking at the camp in speeded up time, I was able to encounter Kheph Steelbender (tempersmith) - who’s not on the list I have, and also isn’t on the wiki (actually, none of the t4 blacksmiths that spawn on that spot are on the wiki, but she appears to be the only female t4). I’m thinking she’s probably who you are looking for - in which case her spawn ID is Invader_Blacksmith_4_Shemite

(Side Note - there’s a ton of t3 blacksmiths that spawn at that spot, which could be good to know)

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Ok so I for got that in the admin panel that some named thrall are identified as the fractions then area black smith. Blackhand_t4_blacksmith but when spawned that npc will get a name but I think I might have found her Ahmad of stygia but I for got to ask is she white or black as olive hair is correct but well I’m not to sure an also if I spawn a lot in game I start lvl up and will ruin my progress so I’m not sure I’m terms of who or where she belongs


Was it in a black Corsair camp cause I think that’s the one you look for as said they under black Corsair blacksmith 4 ?


Can you give me exact map location of the camp please, I mean something like I 8 for example so I can go and have a look? Thanks.


@stelagel the camp Croms_Faithful mentions in the original post is Baywatch, which is at J6. The blacksmith spawn spot is on a wooden stage area next to the iron cage (jailor cage) - although maybe you can find another blacksmith spawn spot in there :slight_smile:


Was it her? 230px-CJParker
Or her?

In any case in 5 minutes I 'll go and check the camp, I really hope to help my friend @Croms_Faithful


@DanQuixote and @stelagel that is her my friends, Kheph Steelbender!! And that also explains why I couldnt find her on the Wiki. I tried to Admin spawn her (@Gloatingtomb6 Im still a version behind ATM so fortunately I still can), but she is not listed under her name. This will require some nutting out.

Sorry peoples but the hour is late here and I have to be up early for work in the morning. :sleeping: I will be back as soon as Im able.


Glad you were able to identify her :slight_smile:
You’ll find her in the admin panel listed as Invader_Blacksmith_4_Shemite

Have a good night (and work) :slight_smile:


I am glad you didn’t get the update. I sure you will hold off on doing so until things get resolved.



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Got her!! Shes back where she belongs on my Wheel of Pain, undergoing our patented and intensive careers and self-improvement training program.

Thankyou very much there @DanQuixote


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