The cause of the game's success

Let’s not be all hypocrites, the success of the game is due, simply, of being able (finally) to play naked on the consoles.
And Funcom understood it very well.
But, unfortunately for us, at the expense of quality.

■■■ and money do, and will, always turn the world.

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And I strongly disagree with you, I didn’t pay $50 and digitally preorder this game to see toon boobies. Although I do think nudity fits the lore and a lack of nudity wouldn’t fit the overall theme of the Hyborian Age setting.

But Funcom does understand very well how to market a game. If they understood game development as well as they do marketing, this game would be winning awards. :smirk:


Maybe you personally do not rely exclusively on nudity when you buy a game, but, overall, people are just waiting for that.

There is still, and still, a lot of frustrated who see other players enjoy it on PC, and not them.
And until today, it has become a great deal for them!

I do not agree either. I bought this game based on the gameplay and what it had to offer. Didn’t even know about the nudity until I started it up and was surprised.
So many servers have nudity turned off especially private ones. Its obvious they are not interested enough in it.

Honestly I have had more bugs with Fallout 4 then I have with this game. Even though some bugs are very irritating like thralls not attacking at the moment, I can find fun in other aspects and play around the bugs I do get, as this game has a lot to offer.


Did you buy the game based on its nudity? Was that a big seller for you?

I play on PS4 and the game seems very stable to be and the server has a lot of players that have been there from the start as I have. I have met a few of them and they are having a great time and are finding few bugs at all.

I do think trying different servers may be the best bet as its possible some have more issues then others.