The Chosen of the Pantheon REVAMPED/RP/+18/AoC/PVP//


Pippi: 880454836
Strays Better Signs: 1515727671
Niflheimr: 1389908968
Fashionist: 1159180273
Thrall Wars: 1326031593
Stygian: 1579057391
Jungle: 1437122734
Conan Sextiles: 1206493209
Emberlight: 1369802940
Slaver: 1386982683
SavageSteel: 1367404881
ELI: 1456186728
RP Asthetics: 1542041983
AOC: 1113901982
ClassMod: 1675007244
Unlock Plus: 877108545
LBPR Overlaps: 1439140851

This Chosen of the Pantheon is a !8+/ PvP
Server based: N/A
Rp Forum : Text
Max population: 30


Being on the Discord is a must

Items Kept on Death
Harvest Amount 2.5
Combat PvP on Consent or PVP Area
Exp 2.5
ThrallConversion 0.7
ItemConversion 0.7
Decay timer : On
Peak play Time: CST 6pm/2am

The Rules
18+ Adults only. I do not care if you or your friends are mature teenagers.
(Rules and decorum expectations may be adjusted and amended as needed and are not set in stone. Changes are made at the digression of the Admin team and Server Hostess. Those breaking the rules are subject to consequences in accordance to Admins concluded results. Repetitive rule breakers will be banned.)
Idle Thirst .1 Active 0.8
Idle Hunger .1 Active 0.8
PvP building damage Off [except durring certain PVP events]
Player structures Indestructable
Log out body gone
Dawn Dusk 0.1
Res Spawn Speed 2.0

The Rules
18+ Adults only, no acceptions.
(Rules and expectations may be adjusted and amended as needed and are not set in stone. Changes are made at the digression of the Admin team and Server Hostess. Those breaking the rules are subject to consequences in accordance to Admins concluded results. Repetitive rule breakers will be banned. Discord rules and in game rules compile as overall expectations for conduct and are considered in evaluation)

  1. This is a general rule you see all the time. Don’t be a Dick! This rule is very vague and yes peoples description of what makes up a dick vary. Think before you speak or act and how it may be received. This will help you follow this rule.
    On the flip side of this coin, if your skin is made of tissue paper you will fall under the category of drama magnet and will not be received any better than a person being a Dick.

  2. Racism, sexism and bigotry in OOC is unacceptable.

  3. Shaming or degrading someone for mental or physical health challenges is also unacceptable.

  4. CONSENT! This word is huge in an 18+ server. Consent is a requirement for all players.

  5. Handel your grievances like adults. If you have a problem with a player talk it out. Same goes with Admins. If you can not talk it out talk to an admin, report to different admin in case of admin issues.

  6. If you are going to be MIA for a period of time but still intend on playing here, let the Admin team know so that we do not demo your buildings and remove your progress.

  7. Upon arrival to the server, make sure you create yourself a tribe, even if you only want to solo. This helps the admin team help you incase we restart the server and you are unable to get on to restart your wheels, or if glitches or lost pets are found they can be returned to owners. This is required. Those without a tribe will be removed and their structures deleted. (Solo players may name their tribes after themselves with Solo placed at the end IE: Vextus(solo) Or VextusSolo or Vextus Solo)

PVP Rules and regulations

1)PVP is active for RP reasons, One must ask for consent for you to attack another person. Talk in OOC or warn other players that PVP hostilities are to be expected when encountering your character. Consent is key.

  1. Mugging, robbery, and thievery should be done with the OK of the intended target or with a rouge marshals presents to assure that the process is being done Entirely IC. Any magic prevention or enhancements to these actions need to be addressed before the RP process starts.

3] PVP actions upon Thralls also need to be okayed by at least ONE member of the clan that owns it. This rule is only based on the fact that Thralls do not have a semi passive setting and have to have their aggressive pvp options turned off yet still make them effective for purges and NPC monsters/threats.

  1. RP combat is an option over PVP. If the player declares RP combat to solve a problem with battle, a player can ask for a Dice roll system or a Text based combat. Both players will agree or the combat defaults to Dice for fairness.

  2. PVP in the designated Open Zone area is Enter at your own risk.

Pets and Thralls

  1. players should only have 5 Thrall/pets defending their single outpost.

2)Thralls and Pet amounts should be no more than designated for your main base defense
- 5 pets & 5 defensive thralls for solo clans
- 8 pets & 8 defensive thralls for clans of 2-5
- 12 for clans of 6-10
- 20 for clans of 11-15

  1. PETS come in many neat shapes and sizes but keep in mind this is an RP server. Your pets should match the area for which you are built. (IE: Desert= crocs, hyenas, Lions, Jaguars, elephants, tigers, Gazelle, spiders, locusts, and shellbacks. North= Wolves, Bears, Sabertooths, Boars, Spiders, ect. Jungle= Panthers, Jaguars, Tigers, Spiders, Locusts)

  2. Turnaian Pack Elephants and Rhinos should be limited to two elephants and one Rhino or a combination of the three for each clan to use as their Caravaning pack animals. No more than that.

5)Dancers: One personal dancer for combat against corruption per player, and 3 public dancers for clan aesthetics. The more clan mates you have the more entertainment.


  1. Do not block discovery locations, Dungeons, Roads, bosses/chests or abundant resource locations such as Iron, Brimstone, Crystal, Lotus, Spider caves ect. This includes heavy traffic areas such as Unnamed city and its boss spawns.

IE: Do not build inside NPC cities such as Sep City or New Asgerath. You may build just outside Sep city walls as long as you use the Stygian build set and you do not block any entrances or exits to the city itself.

  1. Do not block other players inside or outside of their own builds.

  2. Wheels of pain are limited to 1 map wide! With new Funcom additions you can now take your thralls across all terrain except magma of course. So one T3 wheel at your home base, /home is available.

  3. Build with RP in mind. From Decorations to building style and decor appearance. I do not want to see a ton of Dragon head trophies on everyone’s buildings.

  4. Buildings per clan are limited to One main base location and One outpost.

    • Main base is no larger than 12 foundations for a solo player [there are ways to expand your floor plan without using Foundations, ask the community or your local admin team]

    • 20 for a medium clan of 3-6

    • 30 for 6-10

    • 40 for 11-15

    • Outposts are no bigger than 10x10

  5. Foundation stacking. No stacking foundation blocks on blocks. If you are having building issues and need help contact community or admin team for help.

  6. Mining Stations are limited to ONE per Clan. This is a passive gathering resource mod Item and its use allows for passive Mineral gathering such as Iron, Coal, Gold, Silver, and crystal depending on the area for which your mining station is close.

  7. T3 ALTERS: No one gets a T3 Alter unless they are a priest/priestess/Mystic of the respective God. Only One T3 alter per clan.

7b) Only 2 gods per tribe may be represented. That includes the new gods added by the mods. Only one exempt to this rule is the naked nun. HOWEVER if you worship Mitra, no other alters may be placed, after all he is a jealous god.

  1. Fish traps/Crab Traps: Only 10 traps in your local water area can be placed per tribe of 1-6. 7-15 may have up to 20 traps. [Note: Traps must be displayed like a fishing area, IE: make a small fishing hut/shore decor to make the fishing area Immersive]

General Requests and Suggestions

~ Clean up your bedrolls, Campfires and torches. The less scattered the less lag. Decay is on but cleaning up after yourself is respectful.
~Bedrolls in locations for harvesting should be hidden or out of general view of others looking to farm that location and should be cleaned up when your need to harvest is over. Three days max please.

~General chat is OOC Local Chat is IC. Clan chat is up to the Clan leaders to set.

~ Merry sue and God mod characters will not last here. Perfection is boring.

Rules for Magic/skills
(Do not abuse any exploits or holes in any of our mods or the main game. It is against the funcom rules as is it against ours here. Exploits ruin the experience of the game for everyone exposed)

  1. Magic is Draining! In RP if you are a magic user, use your magic wisely. Know your limits. If your character is heavily focused on magic, he/she is not skilled at physical combat. Keep this in mind. I will be reading Bio’s and making sure the Magic users understand and follow these RP expectations.

  2. RP Magic will be based on a Roll success/fail system. Failures will come with backlash so be careful. [PVP Magic terms will have to be set between two consenting participants. and MUST be moderated by a GM to keep all parties honest]

The Class Mod limits who can use what skills, however some skills can be abused. Lockpicks for example. If you are caught abusing this skill and not following the rules of PvP/Rogue actions on this server you will face consequences, you have been warned.


You are granted 5 Soul saving resurrections. On your sixth death you will need to post your death in the “The Graveyard” Text Channel so we may remember your heroic/villainous character in the annals of the Pantheon. Once your character has reached an IC death contact the admins for a fresh new start/potential to being a Reanimated Death Knight. (NOTE: This pertains to IC Deaths only not deaths while just playing the game and farming.)

Make sure you have read the rules, copy and paste the agreement below to prove you have done so to the admin team in our discord.
[Vextus#2040] [Talanthamus#9852] [DarkSoul485#6176] [Deeztruct

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