The Circus is Back in Town

I found that you can have your followers juggle. I am setting all guards to this emote. I expect it will help develop agility which has to help with fighting skills.


You know how the animation system is broken and sometimes the thralls are stuck or in a loop - moonwalking or whatever…

It’s going to be funny as hell to see our thralls occasionally juggling invaders to death. LOL

“I will cut your heart out - with my juggling balls…”

“You will NEVER return to your den - until I’m finished juggling…”

“Yog will have your soul - and my juggling balls…”


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Now we definitely need some bard thralls playing some Michael Jackson music. :grin:


I have the complete MoCap (motion capture data) for MJ’s Thriller video. I wonder if FC would be interested in having it? :smiley:

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