The common sense suggestion about purges

offline purges. great idea. BUT… with broken thralls, (yes those who are supposed to defend your base) not defending it, calling for a offline purge is just a “kill my base” or in best cases, damage my base until it despawns.

so since you cant have any defense during offoline purges. at least for now common sense calls for a common sense solution.

  1. HAVE PURGES happens when at lease 1 player is online! , so it can defend his base. until its fixed, it is best to have this setting , so people can go to bed , or knowing that no offline purge without the working defenders will take place.
  2. also keep in mind that purges should be fun to play. there is NO FUN out of a purge that happens offline. (so maybe you should consider leaving purges on for people that is ACTUALLY ON and looking for them.
  3. remember you have decay system to deal with abandoned bases. purges are not needed for offline players. not at least you guys iron them out.

do the right thing. hope your developers or whoever is the game director listen to it.

PS. also please make the game challenging. at level 60 there is NO risk of dying (only AFK kills me).


Agreed, I expect players to off line me during raid hours, I’d rather not have to worry about NPC’s raiding me when I am offline (twice in the past two weeks).

I am totally flabbergasted by how the unfun but largely unavoidable PVP phenomenon “offline raiding” got implemented into purges. I really would have liked to be at the design meeting where that was decided…

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