The Conan Exiles Mod Devkit is evolving with Age of Sorcery!

Exiles Modders!

We’re nearing the launch of Update 3.0. With it we start the Age of Sorcery, bringing the most free content Conan Exiles has ever received, as well as massive changes and improvements to most of its current systems. This also includes the Devkit you’ve been using to bring your mods to the game!

With Update 3.0 we have worked on some big changes to make your life modding for Conan Exiles easier and straight forward, as well as bringing Quality of Life improvements for players using your mods.

Without further ado, let’s talk about these changes.

Improved communication from within the Devkit

Most of our communication in regards to the Devkit, its updates and documentation is done via targeted updates on Discord aiming at modders who know about these resources. We want to make this communication as efficient and wide-reaching as possible while also not cluttering other channels. So we’ve opted to modify the Devkit to be able to push important information so you don’t have to search for it in different external channels. This will hopefully help you focus on what matters most: creating amazing stuff!

These changes include:

  • Devkit version shown in the Devkit itself. This version will also match the corresponding game version. For instance, Devkit version 3.0 will be the one for Conan Exiles 3.0. Revolutionary!
  • A way to push messages from us to the Devkit so we can communicate relevant information directly to you. For example, once it is confirmed and locked, the release date of the next Devkit update so you can prepare in advance.
  • A link to the current Devkit changelog/patchnotes. With this, we also plan to release Devkit patchnotes in our forums.
  • Links to external useful resources, such as the Mod Documentation, modding Trello board, modding Discord server and other resources.

Shifting the functionality of the Devkits

Up until now we had two different Devkit versions: Retail and Testlive. The idea was to allow you to start working on a new version in advance, while the game update was on Testlive. However, this meant you needed two different installations of the Devkit, gobbling all that precious disk space. We’ve been trying to crack that problem while also maintaining functionality. For that reason, we are changing the way our Devkits work.

The main Devkit (Conan Exiles Devkit) will now be updated to upcoming versions 1-2 weeks in advance. This, along with the new in-Devkit communication and the upcoming Modding Cache functionality (more on this below) will help you prepare and adapt to upcoming updates without the need to install two Devkits. Once you wish to push your update you will be presented with two options: to push to the retail version of the game, or to Testlive. One or the other option may be greyed out, or with a big red scary warning, to limit possible confusion and guesswork when pushing a new mod update.

On the other hand, the Testlive Devkit will disappear completely. With the new changes and improvements added to the main Devkit, and the low usage of the Testlive version of the Devkit, we’ve decided to streamline this to only have the Conan Exiles Devkit available with extra functionality. This way you don’t need to have two different installations taking precious disk space.

Steam Workshop enabled on Testlive

During the period of time the Conan Exiles Devkit is matching the Testlive version of the game, the Steam Publish button from the Devkit will allow push the mod directly to Testlive. Don’t worry, as we mentioned before, the Devkit will let you know that with some ominous and spooky red text.

But for you to be able to test your creations we will enable Steam Workshop on Testlive. This way you can test your creations with ease and the peace of mind you’re not altering any functionality for your published mod!

Up-to-date checkmark on the Mod List page in the game client.

From 3.0 and onwards, the Mod List tab in the game will show a checkmark next to those mods that have been created/cooked with the devkit version that matches the game version. This new change is a QoL change aimed at players and does not mean that mods without this checkmark are incompatible, but it can help narrow down which one may be causing trouble after a new game update.

These are the tooltips shown on the Mod List UI moving forward:

  • Out-of-date mods: No indicator. Tooltip: This mod has been created with an older version of the devkit. It might still be working but if you are crashing, try disabling it to see if it solves your issue.
  • Up-to-date mods: Checkmark. Tooltip: This mod has been created with the latest available version of the devkit, it should not cause any crash due to incompatibility.
  • Incompatible mods: Exclamation mark. Tooltip: This mod has been created with a version that is more recent than what the game is compatible with. Either your client is out of date or you are using a mod that was made for another version of the game (for example TestLive).

To make your mod show as compatible with the current game build, you have to create/cook your newest version with the most up to date Devkit.

Upcoming in a future update: Mod Cache functionality

To help support our rebranding of the Devkit and support you on preparing your work for game updates, we are working on a Mod Cache functionality. What does this mean?

Currently, the only way to publish a mod update is directly to the Workshop and into the hands of players. This means new versions of mods must wait for the game to update before releasing a new mod version, thus playing catch up and potentially causing issues for players along the way.

To solve this, we will implement a new Mod Cache functionality in a future update. This will allow you to release your updates ahead of a game update without disrupting functionality for mods. The last compatible version will be stored in a cache folder on the game installation, allowing players to keep playing as usual. If you push any updates, they will be downloaded immediately by your players, but they will not affect functionality of your mod. Once the game updates, the compatible version of your mod will become the one in cache and thus the one your players will be able to play and enjoy from minute one.

These changes stem from the ongoing collaboration with the modding community and there’s more to come in the future.

Thank you for being part of Conan Exiles, and here’s to the Age of Sorcery and beyond!