The Corvid Collective - PvP Nation Sandbox (NEW) "Wage war by siege or battle!"

PvP Nation Sandbox
Construct castles and wage war by siege or battle.

Unique Kingdom System
Three main regions. Three capitals. Four rogue regions.
Capitals are occupied by thrall rulers. Clans gain control and become the new rulers of the regions.
Region rulers can attempt to conquer other Regions and Capitals to expand their empire.
Rogue Regions may attempt Assassinations of rulers.
Regions may invoke Revolutions.

Consent/Consequence raid system.
Greif/offline raid protection.

Weekend DLC exchange markets.
Unique questlines for gear.

Server Info:
Gathering: 5x
Experience: 5x
Clan Limit: 8
Server Location: UK (good NA connection)
Direct Connect:

Building in a region makes you part of the region.
All clans allowed both 25x25x75 AND 7x7x75.
Temporary raid bases 7x7x75.


  1. Avatars (Gods)
  2. God Bubbles
  3. Explosive Jars
  4. Mines
  5. Explosive Arrows (star metal mining ONLY)
  6. Vaults
  7. Underwater bases and storage

Mod List:


We have an elevator speed mod. Apparently that’s what does it for some. Same though, actually.