The Crevice Issue

Is The Crevice supposed to be empty?

Also attempted to start building down there and it ate half my thralls, of course being PC I can just admin panel > ghost, etc… But I kind of liked that area for a build… Is it just bugged for placing thralls?

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There are two places called the “crevice” from your description you mean the one in the northern biome. And also you seem to be playing single player.

So, I think something is wrong with your game.

Because in my single player game, I have a huge castle built in the crevice, it’s thralls are fine, and have been for years.

I also built in the northern “crevice” on Official servers twice, and my thralls never suffered and adverse effects.

Yea… Talking about the one on the north side, didn’t know there was two of them… To be fair they were not placed in foundation before they sank in the ground… As far as i know, don’t have mods touching that area.

Yeah, the other is in the jungle.
You shouldn’t have problems building. Listen, if you are on Single Player, just check the “build anywhere” box in the server settings, but afaik you don’t need that to build there. On single player, that spot is a great place to build a fortress on each side with a subterranean dungeon connecting them.

Didn’t have issue with building, but my thralls going under the world, which seems to be an issue if their not on floor or foundation… Unless I’m reading the reports and other posts wrong. :rofl:

Sidenote, logged into the game tonight and my beach thralls sank as well, so I don’t know what to do about that besides not placing them on the ground.

Oh, that bug.
Unfortunately it seems to be happening more often, @KaneReaper087. There’s no advice I can offer beyond placing them over foundations. This bug is not consistent. We never know when or where it will happen…

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