The Crom Debate Thread

Please post your more ‘passionate’ debate points surrounding Crom here.

Crom is the manifestation of Funcom’s official server policies.


I hope this isn’t too wacky, recalling a PS2 game. One of my favorites ever is Katamari Damacy. As soon as I met the father I felt a jarring sense of connection to the Crom from my Conan Comic and bootleg text days. (We used to pass data tapes with “text” files filled with books we’d dutifully encoded.)

A giant, indifferent figure in the heavens delighting in the folly of whatever it is you’ll collect next.

Crom wont hear your debate.

Oh don’t worry he’ll hear it; he just wont care. :wink:

/mike drop


Should they not be FunCrom then :wink:

Naw. Funcom listens and acts.
They are making the best out of the cards they’ve been dealt.

Funcrom though… I like that x)


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