The Crown of the Exiles

A great way to establish who is truely the alpha clan is to have a special Jeweled Crown item that serves as a legendary helm. It would be seen on the mini map anywhere it goes and give an extra point or 2 to your perks. If it glitches off the map or otherwise is lost, it resets in a special location…

“King of the Hill” - that would be a good PvP scenario for servers. With only one Crown per server, the leader of the dominant clan would be recognized, easily found, but ‘buffed’ so as to be like a mini-boss.

On PvE servers, it would be good for the lead “admin” to wear (especially if that server had admin-led server events - the people could easily find the admin on the map to go to where a server event was going to be held). Veterans might know the map really well, but new players still need ‘directions.’

Another variant - you could also do a “Regicide” style PvP. Each leader gets a crown (say can only be worn at level 60). Clans go to war (say over a weekend) to see who can dominate the server. Leaderboards can post victories at the end of the time limit and reset for the next weekend (while clans spend the week days repairing, restoring, and making preparations for the next event).

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