The Cursed Lands Server is now looking for new players! (Open 24/7 with no resets


We are a small private server that focuses mainly on PVE with a hint of PVP.
Our goal is to create a fun environment where all are free to build without the worry of being griefed, whilst being able to explore the harder areas and slay bosses.

Currently there is one big clan but, if you’re motivated enough to start a clan then feel free!

Server settings:
Double XP and Double Harvesting (2.0)

Rules are simple:
1: Behave - All admins reserve the right to enforce the rules as they see fit.
2: NO Greifing, destroying other player homes without war being agreed on by both parties.
3: Friendly fire is ON. We understand that accidents happen but, abuse and you WILL be banned.

This is a Mature community. (18+ only)
We have a friendly Discord. All are welcome and if you’re new, don’t hesitate to ask anything!

If you’d like to join us, message me and I’ll message you the server info.
Steam : OverSeerFulgrim


Hey guys!

We’re still looking for guys!