The death of Bambizor

So here I’m logging into my pve server on this monday night and to my surprise I hear the auspicious combat music that means the giant crocodile living near my base is attacking.

Half relieved to live on a pve server Tilana the hyborian opens the door of the sandstone structure and jumps ouside daggers in hand, her bossom waving under the leather armor.

With cat-like agility she dodges the big reptilian maw that jumps at her from the side of the building. She has barely enough time to look past the beast before the next acrobatic dodge and sees the body lying besides the animal pen. It was her pet gazele Bambizor, lying lifeless and wet in its own blood.
Thinking faster than a bird of pray Tilana suddenly realized her new neighbors were up to no good. They must have trained the giant beast to her house to kill her pet Bambizor.

Knowing she is low level to be able to use the treasure chest of the old beast, Tilana though of a better plan: the neighbors had thralls posted outside that were about to meet a certain giant reptile.

After training the beast through the neighborhood and back at her base, Tilana checks the animal pen and realises a new gazelle has grown strong enough to accompany her in her travels in this land. And so is born Bambizor II.


Stay tuned, maybe there will be Bambizor III today, depending on my troll neighbors.

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i bet on bambizor V

Was that me? I didn’t kill your bird ya tripper you live so so close to the beast it killed ya bird by its self, was low level too and had low level employees, didn’t even had a world map yet but you did so that’s not as low level as I was… we morn their deaths too one guy was gonna go on a date with Hans our bouncer but sadly never returned, Jess was crazy, kept shooting arrows at the wall even though the battle was over, we shall miss her big bouncy kits and Duncen…ahh yes…simple Duncen, never raised a finger and just watch us do all the fighting. When we died he stood there watching the blood squish between his toes…ok he was kinda a jerk. BUT STILL!!!..I don’t really care and happy you got a new buddy… besides it might not have been you. Love Captain Flip flop jibbley dot ping.