The Degenerate not spawning in the volcano

As the title says. This bug was present before the patch today as well in the previous testlive build.

Yep. I remember seeing patch notes quite a while ago, saying that they had fixed this. It wasn’t fixed, I reported it again, still a little broken.

I managed to admin-spawn him in once, then kill him, and he started to spawn normally after that (Single-Player 2.8). Don’t know whether that fixed the issue for good or whether he stopped respawning as soon as I quit the game, because once I got the keystone piece I left and never got back to the Volcano.

I do have that save file backed up, though, so if the devs think I can provide more information on this particular bug, I can boot it up and go check.

He spawns normal on my server. I just noticed the bug while on testlive. It may be a SP bug. I haven’t played SP in quite some time. I will check a SP game and see for myself.

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