The desert rats builds

Desert Rats hunt in packs of 10. They are a plague on Conan Exiles. The goal is rushing enemies,eating the dead and raiding.

The Desert Rats are a close killing group of rats.

The build is 30 strength, 30 Vitality, 30 Encumbrance,22 Grit and 10 survival.

Each rat has a sandstorm mask. Most rats wear the medium armor or dafari armor. The rats who do wear dafari armor are send out in a pack of 3 to Scout. Rats prefer the dragon bone weapons for easier repairs.

Desert Rats use dummy layers to an important base building. If a tier 3 base is made they cover it in a T2 shell with a T1 shell above that. Desert Rats prefer to build down and in hidden areas. Away from players and in sandy areas. Don’t enter a desert rats base. As it’s a trap.

Desert rats bases are true Rats nests.

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