The destruction of transfer stones (magical teleports) and other issues

Hello. Official server 6010 (Siptah, PVE). The lifetime of the buildings is 240 hours. Can anyone explain the destruction of transfer stones (magical teleports)? Mobs or NPC attacks are excluded. Destruction due to the old age of the building is excluded. It’s just that at some point the magical teleport is destroyed, and everything else is intact and undamaged.
The number of blocks is <1000. I created a clan consisting of one player – himself. The teleport is working on the main base. I made a small outpost and put a teleporter there too. Every time before exiting the game, I go through all the points and update the counter for 240 hours. But that’s it, as soon as I try to make a third stone or a fourth, sooner or later they collapse.
I’ve seen huge buildings and entire teleport networks from other players, but that’s not my story. I can only dream of making a teleport network.

The second bug is that I made a small convenient ascent next to the main base, but no matter how long I stand on it, it does not want to switch to the 240 hour counter. Me have to constantly build and destroy something in order to add a few hours to his life.

Finally, the third question: Witchcraft, summoning a green light (spell 2-1). I often don’t get it, I have to run around in complete darkness with only a torch. I asked other players to check, they also have failures with the 2-1 challenge: the witchcraft staff gets damaged by the spell, animation occurs, pollution is added, and the light often simply does not appear. I think these are accumulated server errors.

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