The Dragging-Things-On-A-Rope Mechanic is a missed opportunity!

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Let’s drag more things:

  • Carcasses - Get more hides and meat AND bones when you take the whole animal all the way to your tannery/butchering station. Efficiency!

  • Materials - Make a bundle of 1000+ wood or 1000+ stone and drag it instead of being over-encumbered. Drop the rope to fight along the way, pick it back up. Make less trips!

  • Sledges/wagons - Heavier loads! Or put boxes and stuff on them to move your whole base.

  • Siege Engines - (if they had wheels) Probably requires two or more thralls to drag it, though. (you just steer the thralls with a lead-line).

Optional changes:

  • Lower carry weight ratio to incentivise dragging stuff instead

  • Make big things like workstations not fit in inventory (they can be built as a bundle of stuff, dragline included)

  • Craftable Harness for sherpa thralls

Even more optional ideas, not completely related but still involving ropes:

  • Grappling hook to pull down palisades/fences/walls

  • Tug-of-war for nonviolent inter-clan conflict resolution

  • Sled dogs/wolves

  • Pets on a leash

  • Attach rope to a gantry with block and tackle to hoist heavy things up

  • Harpoon a Mammoth/Elephant and have it drag you until it bleeds to death, or have more allies with harpoons to prevent it from running away

  • Nerf climbing so that some smooth surfaces can only be climbed by ropes (requires additional animation work though)


Only a matter of time until someone mentions putting players into jail… :stuck_out_tongue:
Woops. Didnt mean to.

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Ha what great suggestions!

nossa cara, o legal do jogo é o tempo que demora pra fazer as coisas, se colocar tudo isso que você sitou em 2 dias todos avo ter uma base, para de ser preguiçoso.

Very good suggestion. Especially pulling dead animals for greater yield.