The Dregs new dedicated conan pc server

New fresh dedicated 30 man slot Conan pc server come claim your spot. Experienced ingame admin that dont raid or cheat…


  1. Raid Protection
  • New clans get raid protection for 3 days - RP must be in clan name
  • If clan or player is raided RP can be requested and confirmed by admin. Once Admin agreed RP to be added to clan /player name>

2, Server Rules:

  1. 15 thrall limit per base location (Including pets).
  2. Two (2) Horses per player.
  3. Dancers not counted as thrall if they do not have any weapon equiped. IF weapons are equiped they are considered as part of 15 count per base location.
  4. Three (3) main bases per clan (anything bigger than 10 x 10 floor and 6 high is consdiered main base location) .
  5. No more than 10 farming locations allowed per clan or solo player (including wheels) .
  6. No fence or celing stacking allowed.
  7. No build in important spawning areas i.e resources or thralls.
  8. No God bubble allowed.
  9. No bomb pvp allowed.
  10. Obelisk camping is not allowed.
  11. Foundation spamming - useless land claim not allowed
  12. If you get raided repairing is allowed not rebuilding of demolished pieces
  13. Admin owned buildings cannot be attacked.
  14. Admin clan name should remain unique and no other clan names should attempt to mimic the name.
  15. No cheating is allowed i.e undermesh or glitching

Warning system
1 Warning
2 Ban 3 days
3 Ban perm

Raid time Saturday to Sunday 4 pm to 10 pm server time
harvest multiplyer x 3
player XP x 5 (Killrate)

Server IP: