The Dregs - scales up?

I missed going into the dregs at low level and decided to enter with my son and his character (I was level 90 and he was about 30). The lizard mobs inside had 3 skulls (I think the smaller ones did not) and we were basically 1-shotted by them. Yes we have high tier armor and legendary weapons. We also had 3 thralls with us that were all level 20. They also insta died. I have tried going back in several times to see if it was a one off bug and hoped it had reset - but nothing changes…anyone have any insight into this? I cannot find any info on this dungeon scaling to level.

I cannot explained what you have experienced (server parameters?) but I went with a friend recently and it was very easy. I was level 60 with epic gear and he was level 50 with hardened steel gear. We had no thralls/pets.

lvl 90?
Mods maybe?

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Or typo on numpad for 60?

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Yes I have mods. No clue which one would do this. I have all the highly recommended mods except calamatus.

EEWA maybe? Obviously a mod thing though.

EEWA has an option in it’s admin panel , to make all the exiles land npc / wildlife to scale up in level .

maybe you have checked the box , also to be noted , as EEWA adds some new npcs/wildlife/bosses it may be that you encountered an EEWA boss ( so hard content ) in an otherwise normal dungeon ( meaning the other wildlife was not scaled up )


Thanks guys

Thank you!

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