The Effects of Sigils

I’ve no hard eveidence of this but is there an improved drop rate of recipies from Vaults the more sigils you have active on your character ?

RNG gonna RNG but one of our little group did all 14 vaults and got nothing … applied the sigils and then got 2 from 5.

Also … feels like you should get more perks for having all 14 sigils active on you then just the same damage as 13… hows about some damage resistance or regen when in the storm ?

That would be awesome, but it doesn’t seem to be true. I’ve been running around with 10 active sigils for several days now and most of my time is spent in the Vaults. I haven’t gotten a single recipe.

The only recipes that I got from Vaults was back when I still didn’t know what sigils did, so I just kept them in a chest until I was ready to figure them out.

All in all, the recipe RNG is extremely stingy. Combined with the duplicate recipe drops, it just makes me hate the whole way they implemented this.

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