The end of the game must be different

Why will the main character die at the end of the game when he leaves the world?
For the sake of death, collect all the artifacts? It was not necessary to talk about it or you need to do something else, I think the players will not collect it to start over. Let the player get some kind of reward for his work.

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i think this is spoiler…


He doesn’t say die, he says you just leave the continent which means you aren’t in the exile lands anymore.


This means that the character disappears and the players begin anew. Why do players try to find all this to start again?

This is said in the context of an ending. It gives the game an ending. A success goal that can be an achievement. This let’s a player say “I finished the game.”

That is all.


This is from the interview.

"At the beginning of the game you are an outcast in the Exiled Lands. You wear a bracelet that ensures that you can not leave the country. At the end of the game you get the choice to take off the bracelet and leave the country. If you do that, your character will be deleted. That sounds dramatic and it is. But it is primarily a way to give the player a natural choice to finish the game. You can also choose to stay in the country and then you can continue playing. "

So yes if you end the game you will start over you do not get to keep playing.

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