The Ends of the Earth - planning an RP/PvP server

My last attempt to get a server going didn’t pan out too well, but apparently I’m a glutton for punishment because I’m taking another shot at it.

The server itself isn’t open for business yet, but so far I’m thinking PvP (no raiding though, because having to factor that into planning builds sounds like a real pain), tweaked settings, recipes, and feats, and various mods I think are neat. I have some ideas for some possible plotlines and whatnot, but I’d like to be able to toss some ideas back and forth before setting anything down for sure. The idea right now is to wait until Funcom rolls out their mod-loading to spare players the hassle of dealing with all the mods I plan to include, so there should be plenty of time to come up with some neat stuff to do.

So what sort of stuff is gonna be on this server? Well, for one thing I’m bringing back crossbows:

More hairstyle options for the lads and ladies:

Added feats for Zamorian and Stygian dancer outfits, Black Hand armor, Votaries of Skelos, and more.

Raise an army of the dead, or become undead yourself. Become the necromancer and/or reanimated corpse you were always meant to be!

Not to mention loot chests and sweet mod weapons, armors, building pieces, and more.

Oh, and last but not least…

Skeleton hookers. (You cannot bang the skeleton hookers.)

I’ve set up a discord for the server, so if any of this sounds neat hop on over to get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be the best Conan Exiles server with the words “Ends,” “of,” “the,” and “Earth” in its title ever made!