The Ends of the Earth RP server - FINALLY open and looking for players

After much hemming and hawing and several false starts, my roleplay server is finally open for business.

You find yourself alone in a hostile land, and the locals are, to put it mildly, rather rude. Will you strike out on your own, eking out a solitary existence in the wilderness? Will you band together with other exiles, providing a safe haven for those in need? Or will you become a despotic warlord, building up an army of followers to enforce your will throughout the land? The choice is yours! Because there isn’t a plot or anything starting out, I want people to be able to make their own stories.

Boring server details:

  • 2x harvesting
  • .5x crafting times
  • 5x fuel burn times
  • Slight thirst, hunger, and stamina tweaks
  • PvP, no raiding
  • No gods or purge
  • Use Pippi currency to buy clothes and armor from custom merchant NPCs

Running the following mods:

Don’t wait! Get connected through the TopConanServers page to get nailed to your cross and left to die in the desert today!

Also join the Discord for the server, because every dang thing has a Discord these days!