The Exiled Kingdoms [RP/PVP 18+] PC



Name of Server: The Exiled Kingdoms [rp/pvp 18+]

We are a RP PVP server really focused creating RP around Conan and Age of Calamitous (AoC) lore, as well PVP by using a Faction base system. With human, elves, orcs, and evil factions it is easy to find which faction would make the most sense for you. We do offer faction-less for anyone that does not want to make a choice right of way or just prefers a story outside of the faction system.

Roleplay and Fun come FIRST: Above all else, we are here to RP and have fun. There are many other rules that we have written to help build a healthy community, but if you ever feel like something is too restricting and inhibiting your creativity, simply ask an admin to see if it is doable.

New players joining the discord, you will be required to read the rules before joining the server.

We do offer several custom-made features: -Starting kits, -A 60 level boost (Cap 120) -Neutral City with quest givers and vendors -Caravan to each of the factions territories -Faction leader system -Active Admins

-Custom Events

Server type: RPVP

Age Restrictions: 18+

Language Requirement: English

Location of Server: NA

Max capacity of the server: 40

Website: N/A

Discord (or other) Server:

Is the server passworded or open? Password protected

Server Settings XP rate: 4x Gathering Rate: 5x Day/Night Ratio:, Daytime: .5x, Night Time: .8x Hunger/Thirst settings: .7x Drop Equipment on Death: No God Avatars Enabled: Disabled Containers Ignore Ownership: No The Purge Activated: Disabled

Peak Play Times: Late Night PST

Does the Server use Mods? Yes

Mod list order

  1. Pippi
  2. Less Building Placement Restrictions Overlaps Edition:
  3. Fashionist
  4. Conan Sexiles
  5. RP Aesthetics
  6. Warrior Mutator
  7. Exiled_lands_improved:
  8. Age of Calamitous

Is there an application to join the server? No, join the discord and read the rules in order to gain server access.

Server Lore: A mix of RE Howard with Age of Calamitous and fan-made.

Server Ruleset: (Here is where you will discuss things like rules applied to PvP, building limitations, perma-death, etc.) Rules on the discord in the server-rules channel.


Hey everyone this is a fantastic server to play on it’s a great friendly community, come join us and have some fun. I love all the players that are on this server that admins are also awesome they are there when you need them in game and out of game so no waiting around for questions to be answered or having in game issues solved, its all done right away. So happy playing.


Great server with a great mod list!

A great group of admins that truly believe in RP First!

If you are sick of the same old build and drama surrounding most servers, do find your way to The Exiled Kingdoms!
Here, we are family, not numbers.


updated some rules and made them a little bit more clear and fixed the mod links. Sorry about that.


One of the best RP servers I’ve played on. good community and admins!


We added the immersive sexiles mod to the server so unlockable doors and thrall pacifier now :slight_smile:


Come Join us and have some fun we have a great community and love having all kinds of RP and events going on so come and have a blast and feel free to bring some friends :slight_smile:


Had to remove Immersive sexiles server mod because of a game breaking exploit it had with AoC.


We removed Fist of Essence because of great imbalance with spells and the direction the dev is going with that mod just doesn’t work well for this server. But we did added Exiled Lands Improved and Less building placement restrictions.


Hey everyone I’m looking for active members to come join the Arkanvail group. I have a hub city and a would love for anyone to come join and build themselves a home and make some fun rp amoungst us and others on the server!


Hello everyone!
Sending you all a friendly bump to let you know that there are some pretty intense RP’s going on right now! Cold Embrace has just had a major rift between its largest clan, The Hungering Ruin, and now there are multiple enemies on multiple fronts!

If you are looking for a server with in-depth RP that truly focuses on the RP experience first. Do check us out! Hope to catch you all in game!

-Hrawsaer, Faction Leader of the Cold Embrace / Head of the Hungering Ruin


Greetings once again everyone,

Just wanted to give another wonderful update of the current happenings in the Exiled Kingdoms.

Currently, an alliance has formed between Felgarth, Stormhold, and Arkanvail. The three Faction Leaders have formed a sizable coup against the forces of the Cold Embrace. The intent seemingly made to overthrow the Faction Leader, Hrawsaer of the Cold Embrace. Unfortunately, the attack made did not find Hrawsaer, but has crippled the defenses after the massive attack.

No word has been made on the opposing side, and the leader has not revealed her presence even after many of her people were slaughtered.

In news not associated to the attack, there recently has been an unusual storm that struck the North, near the Volcano. A loud and unusual cry broke through the night a few days prior. It is uncertain what produced the sound, but it was heard well past the Sentinels.

Further news to come, as more to this story unfolds.