The Exiled Lands Pve light rp

Are you fed up with Pve servers making it to easy for players:-

We drop inventory and toolbar on death (no more exploting:- gather die respawn at home with everything) all pve servers use this option i do not understand why…

we have,

Installed Mods

Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1… (for starter kits all emotes and extras)

Less Building Placement Restrictions (build anywhere you wish)

Savage Steel (rp items and decorations)

Glass Constructions and more… (extra buildings and glass items)

Level 250 Mod (level up more unlock everything)


Player XP Rate Multiplier 2.0 (may increase on community request)

Friendly Fire Damage Multiplier 0.0 (never again hurt your teammates in those fights)

Thrall Wakeup Time 6000.00 (thralls from far away don’t wake up when being dragged)

Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier 5.0 (resourses respawn quicker)

Player Idle Hunger Multiplier 0.0}
Player Idle Thirst Multiplier 0.0} (afk without taking food and hunger dmg)

Thralls Hunger System OFF

Pet Hunger System OFF

everything you see here is subject to change with community input

active admins and events that will be made with community

any questions please feel free to comment or message me for more info

Hi, I just joined it .