The Exodus Server PS4


Hey Guys,

Im a huge fan of Conan and wanted to bring a server together. So i have made The Exodus.
The Server is based on relaxed playing, where players respect other players and the grind. The server is close to official, with only the below changes:

  • 2x Gather
  • 2x Resource Re-spawn

Essentially with no purge, it becomes a real hustle and grind where its down to the players to control.

Server Name: The Exodus - PVP +18

Please feel free to join the server. It will be going live in the next hour or so.

Feel free to join the Facebook Community to chat about the server and gameplay.
Facebook Group: The Exodus - Conan Exiles PS4

Full list of rules can be found on the Facebook Closed Group.

Serious players only please, time wasters will be kicked and banned.

Thanks for the interest :slight_smile:

Server will be live in one hour.

The Exodus Awaits you…