The faction questline

so i haven’t been playing for a while so i can’t figure out who to ask about the attack on conan’s life i’m rank 4 on most faction but nobody will tell me anything there is no quest that i have to tell me who to talk to

You talk to the faction quest givers, you might need to switch factions. Sometimes you also need to talk to Atreas or the Grey Leopard.

You need to chat with Astreas in Northern grasslands and do his quest line. il will lead you into the main storyline of the khitai expansion.
Having a faction that appears in all 4 khitai maps to rank 4 will help as you sometimes need to talk with various faction leaders during the progression.

i know about him and i looked in my log and it looks like i have reported to him a few times but i think i got lost in kara korum looking for the entity perhaps so i tried checking with the last legion guys nobody says anything onwards or the children of yag for that matter

anyone in particular? or just any quest giver within that faction?

The last quest from the Leopard in Chosain will send you to talk with a “messenger” that will help you gather info about the Emeperor in Kara Korum. Did you do that part?

And, btw, if you did all the quests from the Leopard in Chosain, you should already know who sent the assassins and why.

You need rank 4 insurrection to complete Godslayer questline.

i must have i checked with him and he didnt have any more for me assuming we are talking about the same dude the guy in the town in chosain? i talked with the ghost on the broken bridge to kara korum

and like i said it’s a while ago so my memory is abit fuzzy on those details

so it goes through them too??

Did you complete the quest “Return to Sender” in Chosain, or do you have it?
If not, then you did not progress enough to get it from the Grey Leopard (yes, the fully armoured guy in Shaulun/Chosain, second floor building).
You said you have most factions on 4. Bring Brittle Blades, Children of Yag-Kosha, Last Legion, Yellow Priests of Yun to 4 with progressing with quests, and talk to everyone possible.
If you have it completed, check your quests in Paikang, if you have some quest to find the Insurrection Faction. Maybe you already got that far, but forgot what happened to Conan;) This would be the way to progress in this questline.
Also, you do not need to switch factions to do this questline until the end (all factions will give you the last quest regardless which way you took to get it), but if you want to hear the full story you can switch after you are done with the last quest. Ervery faction will add another layer of complexity.

Check in the Completed quests log in Chosain and look for “The Rightful Heir” :wink:

yes i did that one

could not see a quest called that but children,wolves,legion,tigers are on 4 i did talk to somebody in paikang about the insurrection and i found a camp with a bunch of quests but not a vendor for their items so maybe it’s another one

As Cappa said for the quest line only the ones that are in all 4 maps - BB, Children, LL, Yellow Priests - are mandatory to be on rank 4 with.
Insurrection has no gear or vendors.
I really do not remember very well atm, but I am pretty sure you can progress further if you do not get all 4 factions to 4. Also, but this should be a nobrainer, you need to actually play through the ranks and do all quests an talk to all leaders.

i guess as yellow priest and the children of yag are enemies i figured it was enough to choose one of the sides like i picked the wolves and not hyrkanians but won’t i loose the rank if i change the sides?

Sorry, you are right.
Ofc you only need one of the two factions who are enemies, but I forgot the other factions which are in each map. So you will need to play one of each to 4 (tigers, hyrkanians, wolves, jiang shi, scholars of cheng-ho are only in one map each)
BB - Shadows of Jade
Children of Ya-kosha - Yellow Priests
LL - Scarlet Circle
Seems like you are missing BB or SoJ.
We can not know where you are in the quest line exactly.

yea i know and appriciate the help here i do

i know i don’t have the BB very high so i might just try that as i tried checking with the others but they don’t really say anything about it

Didn’t follow the full conversation, so maybe you already answered the question. Do you have the insurrection faction at rank 4 as well?

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