The Filth Questline

im still in scouting around the Filth quest line
since the Filth portal showed up in original TSW portal
I made my way to the longest journey it seems the filth has been brought in trough a virus in the Dream Network by dream machines and people with nightmares or something
then im not sure is the story line of the longest journey still stands with this ?
i mean are they up for shutting down those Dream machines ?
or has the story line changed since then ?
Ive also noticed many Portal ships for new Characthers on Warframe has got the filth clogging most part of their Ship not allowing acess from Warframe Portal to diffrent game realms
now what about listen
where else is this story line leading ?
whats it about ?
science ?
technology ?

SWL’s line is about cosmic horror as far as I can say.

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The Longest Journey has some similar stuff to TSW/SWL, but it’s not a continuation or the same universe. Warframe has nothing to do with Funcom, so it isn’t linked at all.

The filth is central to the SWL story, if you play through the story missions then you’ll find out exactly where the filth is coming from. It’s not science or technology though.