The Final Horizon - PVP - 18+ PVP server with RP/LIFE/Fun settings

I will be posting a lot of server settings soon. I’m in the process of creating a website to make it easier to update the settings.

For now:

The server will be a real live server… I will soon have a website which will enable players to vote on settings… Settings will be based on the most votes. The server is a PvP server, that means that people can and will and should kill you. Still, there will be rules enforcing this.

PVP rules:

  1. Don’t abuse lower level players (Up to 5 levels below).
  2. If you kill someone that’s it, unless you are dueling for the fun of it, constantly killing the same player over and over is not cool, move on and enjoy your next victim, abusing this will become an instant ban.
  3. Eventually there will be specific zones for pvp (like we used to have in WoW) for now (as of 2/1/2019) it doesn’t matter.
  4. To be fair for now (until we make a system through the website) announce wars at least 24 hours before so other clans/people can prepare for it.
  5. Once the auto-push announcement is created, wars will be announce with a 30/60/90 minute delay, this will be voted on later.

For now enjoy…

Pretty much the rules will be set in stone in the following weeks, including True pvp zones, raid times, etc. For now just enjoy a pretty much open server with a lot of XP, beware once we go “truly” live settings will change including a discord channel, website, possible custom mods so players can vote on a restart and pretty strict rules on pvp.

For now the general rules are as follow.

  1. Noob River… pvp only for people within 5 levels…
  2. After noob river anything goes, don’t cry about it… It’s Conan… life sucks… deal with it
  3. Don’t abuse players, contact abuse… message me in game or @ [email protected].
  4. If you see an abandoned base and you want the spot… that’s fine… Inactivity is based on 2 weeks. 2 weeks inactive = complete and absolut destruction of whatever base you had.
  5. If you will be inactive for an extended period (read before) let us know… otherwise you will have to start from zero.