The Forum can No Longer be Accessed from Android Devices!

Is Anyone else experiencing this…!? Someone, a little help please. This morning when I went to check my profile/account, I realised that I am no longer able to click on ‘Log In’, on my Android device (a Samsung Galaxy) as the Home, Games, News, Contacts, Funcom and Log In options are now all overlapping each other! Here is a screenshot.

I am now completely unable to click on the ‘Log In’ option, or even the ‘Search’ option. It just goes in to ‘Contact’ EVERY time. I have tried to zoom in/out, I have tried to switch to Desktop view, I have tried to Rotate the screen. NOTHING WORKS. I cant even access the Dropdown Box. I have been able to access it from this device everyday since I joined. Now all of a sudden I cannot.

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE FORUMS ARE ACTING UP? Someone please…I need some technical support here.

*Now just before anyone checks, Yes I have checked that I am updated to the latest software version, I have also tried powering the device on and off multiple times.

Note- I have observed a few irregularities in the lead up to this over the last 3-4 days.
The most obvious is that whenever I entered a thread and tried to scroll back up to the top, it would instantly jump to the very bottom where the other ‘Suggested Topics’ are listed. Frustrating, yes but I grinned and beared it.
I also noticed that some ‘Likes’ given to me by other users were not appearing in my profile. Rather, I just happened upon them as I was manually browsing the thread.
These may or may not be relevant, Im just supplying as much detail as I possibly can.

PS- It is also doing the same thing on my partners android device too.

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I am using a Samsung Galaxy 7.No problems of course I don’t generally logout
Or password saved to phone
Good luck. I have no experience to draw on to help you.

I am using an Apple iPhone 8 (also an iPad Pro) and the same issue is occurring for me as well … the top part of the forum interface is not resized for my phone correctly, but as I don’t log out of the forum I hadn’t noticed it cause a problem logging back in.
I had noticed that since this morning I think it was that I couldn’t get the drop down box that appears when I tap my profile picture in the top right to appear also can not get the triple line menu which takes you back to the list of games on the forums to activate reliably. Can not get the search icon to work.
Even when I turn the phone sideways and the menus do not overlap I can not access them.
Similar to you the funcom logo on the left overlaps the other menu items.

as a work around could help to try replay to a thread then pop up the log in window

Same issues as of today. Though Im always logged in so I don’t have to worry about that part, but I have to click on a thread and scoll down in order to see reply notifications.

I’m getting the same problem. And I just found another work around…

Open a thread. Scroll down a little. The text overlaying the login button goes away.

Ok its good to know that Im not simply losing my mind. This is a curious issue. Perhaps the forums are in the process of being updated? Anyway, all of the workarounds provided are all helpful, thanks to all who have replied. Mr.Crom yours was especially straightfoward for a non-tech savvy person such as myself. Cheers. We Croms must stick together it seems.

PS- Sooo…does this mean that the Forum needs a patch now…!? :wink:

iPhone X here, same problem - seems fairly common across devices then.
Edit: Seems mostly fixed on the X now.

This may be a stupid question: Would it help to tilt the smartphone to landscape-format?

Same thing.

Also u could try “see page as desktop” option, maybe saves you a headache or two :slight_smile: (im replyng from my Samsung galaxy 5, no issues)

Nah, unfortunately I already tried that. That is what I meant when I said:

I probably could have been a bit clearer. Its all good, at least we have a workaround.

Yeah I’ve noticed that as well on occasion. Usually the first like will always show up, but subsequent ones are hit’n’miss. I figured it was intentional, but now I’m not so sure.

Great mine is messed up now or I missed it last night. Where would idea for PATCH come from?

Ahhh so it’s not only me who had a frustrating poop this morning.

Maybe I just noticed it sooner. I always tend to log in and out every time Im on the forums. I was being cheeky. Because the forum seems to be not working as intended, it must be ‘bugged’ and now it needs to get fixed too, like the in game bugs. Dont overthink it Sestus, I was just being as wise@$! for my own kicks. Im kind of warped.

That is so me also you just got it out there first Good Luck. Probably from reading all the Conan books Tolkien and others several years before Conan the Barbarian movie was out.

Thank you for the report. We’re looking into it; our forum software provider recently pushed an update which may have messed around with the interface for mobile users.


My pleasure Andy. Thankyou for noticing and keeping us informed.

Can you try now? I made some changes to the styling on mobile which should alleviate the issue.