The Frustration of being disconnected

I’m playing on Official 1588, in New Asgarth with a Tier III Bearer thrall and doing pretty good.

Then, things start getting really, really, laggy and I die trying to jump to get on a roof but I’m lagged so… bam.

Fine. I’d forgotten to put down a bedroll but my base isn’t that far away and the thrall would likely “guard” my body (ie kill the last wolf that got me) until I can get back.

I run… Climb over the wall. I can see my corpse right there and I jump down and…

“You have been disconnected”

So, here I am… desperately trying to reconnect to a server that appears to be online, and has a few people on it but the last going on 6 times I’ve tried to connect I get nothing.

Given the regularity of things like this I wonder what the FunCom devs are doing… It’s certainly not working on server issues. Yes, I know g-portal is the host and they are terrible too.

I really enjoy the game, when it works. I wish it worked more though.

The neat thing… the Steam server browser says there are 30 odd people online… including me.

Fix your code.

I was playing. I was clearing out viking central. Suddenly, a dozen or so enemies appear all at once from no where. My character is too stupid to step over an ankle-high rock, so I get stuck in a corner and stun locked to death.

I make it back in time to see my bearer thrall get killed. I quickly grab a fighter thrall, go back and clear the area pretty easily. The only problem is my body is nowhere to be seen. Checked the mini-map, and it is where I died, but going there shows nothing.

Yeah, fun times.

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Sometimes body disappears just logout and log back in and body should reappear right where you died

Well, the body was gone but the little pile of stones marker thing was there and it was empty so I’m not sure if I somehow got looted in the very short time the server was back up. It was down all night as far as I’m trying to log in now… I’m sure it’s gone by now regardless…

It’s just annoying as all hell that they can’t get their servers/server code to work worth a damn.

Yep… all gone. Checked the log and it decayed. No idea where the thrall is that was with me though.

Thanks FunCom for ruining a really fun run last night.

… and another good run ruined because FunCom and G-Portal can’t get their act together.

I know the Devs are all hot for the new toy that is Conan Unconquered but ■■■■■■■■…

the game is not developed by Funcom, they are only Publishers.

Nope… They are the Developer and Publisher.

nope, they are not

Sorry, yes… I was thinking Exiles.

Unless he was killed via pvp, thralls will return to wherever they were last set to “guard”. Mine have returned from dungeons I have died in. Only once did one get stuck. It was in the new dungeon under water and It was stuck swimming back and forth in a cave it could not get out of. I was able, after a hilarious chase back and forth, get him back on “follow” to get him out of there.

Yes, they did return but there is usually (supposed to be) a message that says such and such returned home. There was no message and, curiously, it wasn’t where it normally was until I went to try and collect my body and went back and there he was.

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Not sure if you meant he was where you died (If so, thats glitchy if he was gone before-maybe not loading in?) or where he was set to guard. If it was the set to guard spot, then they disappear for a while and won’t get the returned message til after they appear. The bug I get with that is… I will get the returned message for the next 2 or three server restarts… like he’s perpetually returning even though he’s been there the whole time.

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