The future of Conan Exiles,new maps, ships and inmersive elements

Hello everyone , i dont know if Funcom members will read this.Ok first of all,sorry for my english :disappointed_relieved:

i saw the new about the spyware,dint spect it , Funcom ,please, you have a lot of people following you, helping you, make us proud of you, dont do that kind of things.

Well i bougth this game from the begining of the kickstarter.Im a rollplayer and i love the lore of Conan, most of payers like to figth all the time, destroy each others and make all the time the same thing.I dont know if this was the first plan of Funcom,but i need more than that.I need a big world, with npc that act like good npcs, walking, talking, doing life.I dont want to see the magic wall, i want to see the sea.

The game would be awesome with ships, travels to other places, create your ship, figth with other players ships.
Pleace Funcom, make this game BIGGER.

Maybe sword sheath? in back , on your belt, im worried about the comunity of this game, cause the world of Conan can be awesome more explorable and enjoyable and i think people just want to raid houses…

Thanks for readme guys, it would be great to talk about it .


Also I’m worried about the future I think that expanding the map and bringing ships and a new area can really give new life to the game. I have to see many conan servers stay empty, people are not more interested to play, of the launch of the game and nothing of an expansion to return the players of volta, empty servers in pc, ps4 and xbox, every day more they are to empty the servers, the potential of this game is enormous but I think its brightness will disappear if the funcom does not invest in new material new region. A new map and a Viking DLC can bring many new players and players back to the conan. Let’s wait


Yes!!! :loud_sound: What are folks doing now?? Resetting the server from time to time?