The future of Conan Exiles

Hello Everybody, especially hello funcom staff (i hope you actually read this),

Istarted to play this game not very long ago and while i always thought that survival/building is absolutely nothing for me i got hooked. And i mean seriously hooked and i love what i actually get presented here.

Now i see hints about new stuff added but i aswell see people talking about how Conan Exiles is bound to get shelfed (developing wise) soon after the already created content is released.

Now my questions are:

Is there any kind of roadmap that actually gives pointers where we are heading to?

Is there still new stuff beeing created - are there still new ideas floating around for the game?

Is there still a dedicated team working on evolving what we have now?

In short: What exactly are the REAL plans for this game for the upcoming year ?


In a word: Sharks.

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other DLC, fishes… but always they have been spoken that they dont want grow the map… and these images are in a new map expansion over the sea… its rare, conan fisics dont allow fighting into sea, only jars and few more…

I really think it`s just an entrance to one of the 4 new dungeons.

Probebly out by the pirates in the jungle, as the ruins kinda look the same way.

Its a difference to use parts of the map for instance purposes and as part of the live building zone.
I dont think there will be fighting in water, just a dive to get to/find the entrance to this specific dungeon.

I hope it has interresting mobs and good loot, thats all i say, recipies for building structure as an example.

Regarding the future i would say there are no reason to even think Funcom will leave CE alone, it generates a lot of cash, is played a lot, and regarded as one of the best survivalgames out there.

Funcom donht just up and leave a gtame, look at Anarchy online, mmo that still runs and get uppdates 20 years after launch.

In other words, dont worry, the future of CE is looking good.


Unsurprisingly, FunCom have had to learn the hard way not to let dragons out of the bag until they are ready.

All too often the ‘fan-base’ have gone into the realm of abusive when FunCom make some innocent comment on a good idea or a wish-list item whilst commenting on Chat during a Stream. I suspect that the on-high directive is almost completely locked down and only allocated to officially Official news releases.

I think there will be chances of added DLC as they are simple cash-cows. Adding another map region could also happen. The failure of other game platforms have left doors open to seaside opportunities. Who knows.

Whatever comes will be welcomed by core players. There will of course be expected screaming and shouting and demanding from some itinerant players, but the core will be grateful with any DLC or updates (well, our server certainly will). There are a number of really awesome Mods that have also not unexpectedly attracted FunCom interest - the roleplay, commerce and builderations stuff staggers to mind.

Let’s see what next week holds shall we :wink:


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