The future of PvP in SWL



First I want to say THANK YOU!!!

The event was good and I had a lot of Fun, its so cool that we have still a active PvP Community.
I would like to see such Organized Shambala matches more often.

It would be very nice if we could wear faction cloth on the battlefield. To see if we killing a temp lume or drag.
That’s just a request and all can wear what they like.

@Drenneth you are awesome

we need to do this more often we need to show Funcom that we need Fusang back.
All of you, if next event comes inform your friends and your cabal.

I got 3 ppl, new bees to PVP, to sign in for Shambala and they did enjoy it.
So Tell your buds ask them to join.


Dear Funcom,

we had a private organized shambala event this weekend.

What really bugs me is, that all my deflect glyphs, and I run 2 hit and all deflect as Tank, did not count and where remove from EF Buff.

I did get the Equal Footing Buff and had no HIT (2%) tons of crit and critpow.
My Tank stats are Glance reduction 38% glance chance 30.2%

I don’t want to PVP as DPS tank, with tons of protection crit and crit pow. I wanne play an deflect or evade tank in PVP. Also my tali that trigger on glance are useless in PVP if I don’t have any glancereduction at all

Consider this, if we enter PVP just max the gear we wear. If one is entering with 2 hit glyph give virtual 2 red lvl 70 hit glyphs. If he enter with 5 deflect glyphs give him 5 red max lvl 70 deflect glyph.

Thank you


Can’t stress enough how much this would make me happy to see. It was perhaps the biggest disappointment I had when i first entered Shambala in SWL being that Tank pvp builds and defensive healing pvp builds were some of my favorite builds to create in TSW. The EFB as it is, is very bland, simplicity is nice but it is a shame when it prevents you from using half of the glyph stats in the game and the corresponding gear and abilities that proc off those stats.


I totally forget about defense heals or evade heals, thy for reminding me


My build is exactly made for Glancer… and its completely useless in PvP… and pretty much in PvE too.
SWL EFB is awful.


This baffled me, as I also tried to make a defensive tank for Shambles… and melted like butter with no defensive glyph boosts. Seriously depressing that you can’t be a tank there. Only… meaty.

Shambala Round 4 UPDATED

I have not even tried PVP yet… Will eventually cause just fun to keep on playing.


Will look forward to seeing you there! PvP is what kept me invested in TSW for years after I completed everything else and despite there only being a fraction of that PvP content in SWL I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Is a good break from the grind.


Fusang, thou hath not been left, overgrown with weeds…
Let your trees grow tall and your moats fill with seed.
Your stone walls hold secrets of wars won and battles lost…
The blood of enemies left there, at what cost?
For your heart beats stronger with each passing day
“Soon”…she whispers



This really is some good news! Also I’ve heard they were unaware that a Shambala Event is taking place but there’s been some requests that it gets added to the splash screen. So well see what happens. Really I’m just glad there’s talk of getting Fusang back, the one thing I didn’t want the shamabala event to accomplish is a false belief that the PvP community was fine with just having Shambala.


we are not, we want sang back


That was my worry also - which is why i mentioned it in the review.
Possibly a list of problems and solutions would be beneficial for the devs to peruse over since we are the ones doing the PVP?

I have a list from the last match of noticeable flaws.

Chris seems very receptive and forthcoming. I also like the community centric approach he seems to have, from asking what the community want, to answering questions.

I think having information readily available for them to glean ideas and to work on would help direct them down the right path rather than there be no information at hand and risk them working on something that would ultimately be not in PVP’s best interests. There are certain things needing to be addressed and are quite literally the elephant in the room as it were when it comes to The Holy Trinity roles and how they work hand in hand with PVE and PVP - the EFB, glyphing and signets.

There’s a lot to be taken into account and certain things need to be in the minds of all when looking at whats best and how best to achieve it with the resources available, reachable and achievable goals and ideals (not asking for the beating heart served on a sliver platter)

Personally I am focused on core values of PVP and this is where i’m looking at for Fusang



lemmings…! cliff, smell the vapour
some rebalancing would definitely need to be done before this can even be a viable option , I just hope if and that’s a big IF the devs do indeed reimplement Fusang that all weapons are balanced according so that no one weapon has a greater superior advantage over another, heaven forbid we have a clone army of hammer and AR users all with same builds , think this through proper so that all classes of weapons can be a viable choice in pvp , other wise it become like another El Dorado bore fest with one dimensional Temps * no names you know who you were all bunny hoping with AR’s gee. the height of originality bar none… DO IT RIGHT THE 1st Time , test it tweak it so pvp is fun for all and not just the select few… . lets hope FC heed it :slight_smile: PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH and kill all temps with love and an evulsion pull…


Honestly, there is only ONE way to do this. Give every weapon the same abilities with the same effects and synergies (but that would be very boring). What I mean by this is that its virtually impossible. It is also extremely time consuming which is one of the reasons I would prefer they don’t stress over it. There will always be a “best” build and people will gravitate towards that. Then when they nerf/re-balance there will be a new “best” build and the cycle repeats indefinitely. I certainly don’t care if things are unbalanced between the weapons provided nothing is outright broken. I never was a bunny hopping AR user back in TSW, I certainly tried it since I had everything to make it work well but unfortunately it was actually a very bad build for working together as a team. It was a kill farming build and nothing more which is sometimes good, but if that’s all your team is then its easy to counter.


Remark: I played AR mostly and i was never jumping. I also absolutely hate “bunnyhoppers” in Shooters/games like BF2 for example. For me thats basically cheating. ^^


What if the dude is roleplaying a rabbit? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well … Star Wars for example has no rabbits, so there isn´t much sense in RPing a Rabbit.^^


Purple Ash-rabbits live in Sullust, and Durni’s live in Corellia. I used to to make Rancor DNA Durni’s with my SWG Bio-Engineer :smiley:


Do they do a lot of hopping?