The future of PvP in SWL



That’s like a catch-22 option: PvP sucks, yet to sell the idea of building a better system requires more players playing a messed up system to prove his case that the system needs updating. A sort of bad logic promoting bad logic. Just another reason that such companies as Funcom will fail in this niche space. What we’ve learned by such comments is that Funcom is less than enthused about developing or hiring to develop a game that has become a sink hole for its profit margins. So instead of catering to an avid community it circles its own statistics with an auditor’s trail of fail fail fail…


If you guys don’t want. Not my problem shoulder shrug

I mean it was clearly presented why pvp likely doesn’t get stuff and what would have to change for it to change but if noone wants to do stuff than that’s it.
No real purpose in really ever bringing it up again…like pvp ever again…


I spent several years in TSW where most of my playtime was spent in PvP, then shambala came and a month later i quitted, why would i play the game that killed PvP in TSW for me? for the small chance of getting something else? I better play lottery and if i get a big price i will pay funcom for developing a better PvP mode for SWL, i have more chances of getting what i want that way.


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So - we have to PVP so he has something to sell to the producers?
Well that’s easily arranged…
When - where and how?

This thread has already proved popular and has remained at the top of the entire forum since it began - which proves the interest is there - but the time for talking is done - we have our answer - Time to organise :smiley:
iniciating - IT’S SHOWTIME - protocol

I’m not sure how best to go ahead so here’s some starter thinking suggestions >>>

  • How would we go about choosing a zone to hold it in? Should it be both?

  • Should there be faction vs faction fights as well as factionless?

  • Do we make a new thread with suggested dates/times or groupings or promotional purposes - to keep it separate from this thread?

  • PVP doesn’t have its own subforum or category so should we make new ones each week to be current until we are provided with the means to do so?

  • Should events be set in a way that it forms a regular occurrence - weekly, biweekly, every other day or an every day event even?

  • Should these events be running throughout the day or at hourly intervals to cater to all timezones?

If Tilty wants US to make something appear more SALE WORTHY to HIS producers - then the least he can do is change the amount of required players needed to pop Shamballs.

Because the current bar is set so high with this one and for a number of perfectly valid reasons - just looking at the requirement alone:

If the zone was to be used at all, the initial task of getting anyone remotely interested in it - will be difficult to say the least - but i for one, am willing to try.

if we can’t even start off with 20 minimum people, within the same timezone - who even wanted to use shambala - then the requirement must be fixed or they are making OUR task - not theirs - impossible.
They are the ones setting this task.
They are in control of the requirements.

If we are to even try and get this thing off the ground and be successful - then they need to make some minor adjustments to compensate - after all - do they even want PVP to be a saleable idea to his producers or again are we being “appeased”?

We could do our own little thing in fight club - when they fix the Seoul portal that is - some people are having trouble entering i hear.
And of course @andyb likes to show up there every now and then for a bit of love from the PVP community, it would be good promotion for PVP in itself.

Either way, if we are to take this as a gauntlet being thrown at our feet, while knowing the requirements are nigh impossible under the current conditions - through choices THEY made themselves - then there are things they need to do also, if we are to even drum up any type of support for a saleable idea - or their own words are hollow.



No way. No way im going to spend any time nor energy to prove anything to any game so I can have some content into game. Its buyers market already in PvP games, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Albion Online, Crowfall etc. All I see here is scenario, where PvP players start to do FC events etc., so that Funcom can show their producers that “hey, this is so great game that players make their own content, and next thing is that we need to put prize tag to it”.

Anything I want to see anymore from old TSW PvP scene, is that I meet the PvP’rs in some other fun PvP game. Crowfall?


Seoul was broken but got fixed^^
Thanks for being a voice of positive outlook in a sea of meh.



Poor Sawo, not even a little :smiley:


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I’m at a loss for words here. When is enough enough? It was a few months back that a similar scenario arose and It was said in the stream that if the PvPrs raised there voices then they would be heard. So when the new forums released I figured we’ll this is as good a chance as any and here we are, discussing pvp in one of the most heavily visited and discussed topics on the forums. Might I also add that the approval rating of positive opinions on PvP in this discussion is nearly 100% positive. So there’s are voice.

What I see is Tilty realising that that can no longer be used as a scapegoat because here on the forums is evidence that a lot of interest exists so now the terms have changed and he wants PvPrs to create events and play Shambala to promote PvP.

They stated that Shambala was one of the most popular PVP zones in TSW which shows you how valuable there “data” has been to them in the past when it comes to making decisions.

I work 12 hrs a day sometimes 2 - 3 weeks in a row. I’m sorry but my job isn’t to promote funcoms products to there clients, if someone wishes to take the reigns and organize events I’ll gladly participate.


This is all sad. I would not blame Tilty - or only him - it sounds like typical corporate *** of some business accountant above him.

But the truth is, even devs totally miss point why Shambala was so “popular”.

It was short and popped fast.

It was ideal stuff to do, when I waited for friends in game or when I was bored from grind or anything what needed some longer attention (dungeons, longer pvp fights etc.).

It was the only source of pvp signets and even before them Shambala had nice time/reward ratio.

The design worked far better with TSW combat system.

And it was far less bugged than SWL Shambala.

Now look at SWL.

The team matchmaking is broken from the beginning. There was never any balance in teams and on the top too often one team had more members than other. What fun can be from this?

Time/reward ration is totally useless.

There are no extra drops.

And after all this the queue is endless. How schocking…

Dear devs, I really enjoyed your work in this game you made with new content, but with all respect and even with that *** business accountant above you who wants to see numbers only, the current state of pvp is logical conclusion of bad choices you made. And in this situation to tell us we have to organise events to have better numbers… It’s sad.

If I look at the launch of SWL when Shambala was alive at least for a month or two. I don’t think the pvp community would be able to make better numbers than numbers from those times. And if they were not good enough for that business guy above you, I don’t think these new would be better.


Crowfall looks interesting but i can´t promise anything.
But i surely will let you know if i play it. :wink:


You’re right, this HAS been an intensely popular topic, but no dev has touched it. Why?

@TronQuixote @andyb - guys, you know how bad we want this. If you take the time to even skim the thread, there should be a bevy of quick, easy “fixes” for the PvP community. idc what your metrics say, nobody PvPs now because it’s worthless.

Better rewards alone would pop Shambala, and it can’t take much for someone to tweak the reward table there. Easy-peasy, and suddenly there’s one other real thing for endgame players - or any player - to kill time with.

Morninglight is not going to retain people as it is… bait your hooks for more than just RP-fish, please.


Because PvP’rs have loud and nasty mouths and if they re-open minigames, event that PvP’rs cause the positive spike on charts (might be pretty big I say), afterwards those loud and nasty mouths will open. Why? Because everyone compares SWL PvP to TSW PvP, and SWL combat system is just awful shadow of flexible TSW Ability Wheel. Not forgetting Glyph, Signet and Augment tweaking possibility what made TSW system just great. It was most fun thing to min-max your build and test it against the Legends.

Secondly, if Funcom does not find prize tag to PvP minigames, it wont happen. They say that they do stuff for community, and they do… but PvP community is not their target community in SWL. Funcom what made TSW Test Server Events for Dev killing fun and building PvP minigames together with PvP’rs is gone. No more Dev Killer T-Shirts nor nothing…

SWL does not want harsh-trashtalking-PvP veterans in this version of game, so why bother more? Lets just go back to TSW and Events what players seem to organize in here to there too… untill they shut it down.

If we get upcoming TSW PvP Event enough folks to participate, I promise to re-open my Enjin Forum with Event calendar and voice server. Heck I even pay it, but someone has to help me. We can drag our ■■■■■ to TSW and organize mayhem and fun-fun.


Well … where to begin?^^

The reasons are probably that PVP since the launch of TSW always played a minor role as content in comparison to the dungeons for example.

The reasons for that are probably, that TSW once did put a heavy focus on PVP in its concept before the launch (-> there is a Dev-Diary-Video where Martin Bruusgaard talks about “[…]where Over 100 players clash over control[…]”) and “the secret war” (The Pre-launch facebook-app/ARG) beetween the factions, but i think they found out very soon, that the engine or the netcode (or both) couldn´t handle such massive numbers, wich maybe was the death-sentence for the Development-Focus related to PVP after launch.

Also PVP always had its problems and they were probably very hard to fix (mostly balancing- and game-performance-wise).

Also the PVPers and the Devs did not always have the best relationship to each other because of different reasons back in TSW.

And last but not least (Disclaimer: Speculation!): Funcom has statistics but it seems they don´t know how to interprete them properly.

They said they included Shambala in SWL with the relaunch because they thought it had been the most popular Game-Mode in TSW.

Shambala was indeed popular for a certain time when they introduced it rather late in TSW because the PVP-players were happy and curious about something fresh, so a lot of them played it when it was introduced.

Additionally Shambala had exclusive PVP-signets as a reward wich also motivated a lot of people to play it, because there was no other option to earn them ( Except the Auction house ).

BUT … the popularity of shambala was never related to the gamemode itself!

Shambala has a huge lack of tactical depth, the teams are random and it´s nearly impossible to talk tactics before the match begins. The matches are over way to quick, there is no respawning and the gamemode is very easy to exploit (aka: making the match ending early) when one plays it only for the rewards, wich are now nearly the same for winners and loosers.

99% of the PVPers like me (= TSW-veterans) never played shambala because it was fun. They played it because there were no alternative game-modes when it comes to PVP in SWL. Also some played it just for the shards (Wich is totally ok but says nothing about the quality of the gamemode).

And i think funcom still doesn´t understand that, because they just look at the numbers and not at the things we are writing here.

If they would, they would recognize, that nobody plays shambala currently because it is just garbage and even the last player has finally realized that.

But their interpretation probably is: “Nobody plays it so there is no interest in PVP in general”
And thats just wrong!

EDIT: Sawo also wrote a lot of true stuff!

EDIT: Who doesn´t believe me about the PVP-Focus pre TSW-Launch should watch this:

EDIT: Typos ^^


faction versus faction, I do not heal lumes during PVP. makes my reality crash.

better separate that

also I would not mind to rumble with some of yaa.
But needs to be a fight club I do not enter sham till sang is back.


As we’ve mentioned before, PvP is not a priority of SWL and SWL’s gameplay systems were not designed with PvP in mind. There is nothing “quick” or “easy” in the world of game development, and PvP won’t take priority over developing new gameplay content. That said, we’re obviously aware of your requests. :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the answer.
Is it possible that you guys make a few adjustment into TSW if we get PvP back and running there, even it is in maintenance mode? This way we could have our fun time in TSW, and you/we can focus only PvE in SWL side. Only major issue in TSW seem to be few NM Raid talismans… and then its ok for most of the PvP folks for sure.

Say yes and make people happy :wink:


Our development resources have been and will continue to be focused on SWL.


Sry to keep you up with the topic but can we get the lowering to the shambala players needed from 20 to 10 per game.
5v5 would give pvp players and pvp interested more wiggle room to organize stuff and while pvp is no focus that should be a relative small change compared to adding new tsw maps back.

I know many dislike shambala but me and a few of the other peeps enjoy the short, relaxed nature of shamabal for inbetween dungeons/missions.


Appreciate seeing some responses from Andy. A few worlds whether positive or negative go a long way sometimes. I do think there is still a much larger concern in that players are just bored. I run the South Africa missions daily, sometimes twice a day and every time I see comments in general chat to the effect of “Is that it?” Or “Wow that was fast”. Also contrary to my expectations I’ve seen much less people return to SWL then I had expected would upon release. I’ve spent hours in South Africa and Agartha where it is dead silent and feels like there really wasn’t this big content release that people have been waiting for for 3 years. Perhaps everyone is just busy picking corn though :slight_smile: BE THE CHANGE!