The future of PvP in SWL



I’d joke about the smurfs walking their dogs and sipping lattes in Blusang, but we haven’t a ‘Sang to turn Blu :frowning:


Battle Ranks

Would that set things in motion? It’s been so long that I forgot all about them. Wouldn’t this be an easy addition to the game while we wait for Fusang? Might it be enough to spark the Shambala ques to life again if there were some nice titles or cosmetic rewards attached… party hats maybe? If you know what I mean. Just gonna let the thought boil in here for a bit before adding it to the feedback thread.


Battle ranks are still on the leader board for Shambala, they just don’t seem to be counting anything.

If anyone hasn’t seen it yet - Shambala round 3 is coming up


Yes Ive noticed them there since the beginning. I wonder how much work it would be for them to bring the Battlerank feature back into SWL. Its something I felt they could have done a lot with in TSW also. Even if the rewards were all cosmetic (which is perhaps the best option). I remember saying back in TSW how cool it would be to have a “pet” where you could summon the 4 relics of El Dorado.

I think ill just add it to the feedback and suggestion channel regardless.