The future of PvP in SWL



Yes that was the way it was in TSW. The thing is we moved away from a token system for gearing. Contrarily to what you believe, i can appreciate ranking in pvp and 10k kills achievements etc. What i am only saying is i dont see why pvp should not be equally rewarding as the rest of the activities. The issue with the non-token system is that yes, you will need a loot table.
Look at what happens in Shamballa now. I don’t like Shamballa and nver did. But the very fact the queue nver pops is giving an hint on how people without any carrot are going to come to participate to pvp.


And it’s the term “Equally as rewarding” that i have a problem with. It never used to be that PVP rewarded any type of loot, and it should remain that way. The fact signet rewards were offered as a reward created a false incentive which has damaged the way people feel about what should be on offer.
IMO it really doesn’t need it since those who want to PVP will always PVP - the problem comes one Funcom tries to make one PVP area better than the other by offering better rewards. The sooner folk ditch the idea that PVP needs them the better.


In an ideal world, yes that could work. Being pragmatic, no loot means no people “who are not 100% pvpers but maybe 25%” queuing, means no pop. as a thougth experiment, lets wonder how many pop of lfg would happen if there were no loot in dungeons or scenarios.

Anyhow, i would be very keen to see pvp reintroduced in game.


I can see both sides of this argument since I was on both sides of the player base in TSW. The first 2 years of TSW I didn’t want to touch PvP because I saw it as a less effective means of progression. Because of this it wasn’t until the final 2-3 years of the game that I began to enjoy PvP. Mostly because there was no new content and I got bored of PvE but that is not important here, whats important is that I needed some trigger to start PvP’ing whether it be reward or simply due to running out of things to do in the game. The result however was that I loved PvP in TSW, spent 1000s of hours in the different PvP zones experimenting and tinkering with builds. I’m realistic In that I know that what people decide to do is based on risk/reward (or time/reward) whatever you wish to compare. There is however a good middle ground for this arguement however in that you can offer a great deal in the way of achievements and cosmetic based rewards in place of progression based rewards which may be enough to attract interest. You still need some incentive regardless or else people will not even waste there time trying something that they may end up loving and later enjoy without the need for an incentive.


You can’t compare the reward of PVP to any other activity by removing it’s reward entirely just to make it the same. That’s not the kind of reward PVP offers.
PVP rewards are of satisfaction, joy, ego and morale. You can’t buy those or gear with those. Fortunately there is no “Bottle of poison Krynn and Snicko” on the market i can buy to aid me in Fusang, there is no bag i can obtain, not even with a lucky coin that would give me any kind of joy or feeling of reward that could be compared to what i feel when healing a group of fellow Templar while we hold all four relics or ■■■■■■ the fourth one through sheer determination. I think we may be on different pages when we think of what the term “Rewards” are and what indeed they contribute to.
My perception is based solely on a faction by faction level and not rewarding the individual because they spent a little time there. It’s not a holiday destination and should not be treated as if it were any kind of mission.


I can’t remember any time i left PVP and was eager to see what reward i got for being there. I was always concerned about the stats and scores, how i compared against my friends, teams and enemies.


This is where the Chronicle was so valuable.


Honestly If the other zones were put back in I dont think this discussion about reward would be as relevant. The issue is that all that exists currently is Shamebala and all that is is a PvP slot machine, I enjoy only 5-10% of the matches and often times its over before I even get to start enjoying them. So for Shamebala in particular I think there may need to be adjustments made concerning rewards. For PvP in general if the other zones come in Id be happy with achievement based rewards, titles, ranks etc.


Yes i agree completely. People needs incentives at least a bit, cosmetics and title could definitely do. Turning the thing around, I don’t really see why it would be an issue for ppl to be able to gear doing pvp. I agree it is not necessary, but i don’t see it as being negative.


I don’t really see why it would be an issue for ppl to be able to gear doing pvp. I agree it is not necessary, but i don’t see it as being negative.


There’s been a decent group trying to make it pop weekends - usually by ah, enticing new players. :smiley:

Had it popping nonstop for three hours last Saturday, and it actually became efficient for shard farming.


Actually, Drenneth, I’d say that’s exactly the point for Funcom - PVP keeps players interest during content droughts. It’s another fun way to enjoy the game, and play with the people you’ve come to know in the game.

I know, I know…content droughts? It’s not like we ever have those…


I’m crying because this is what i attempted to explain for so long.
Now bring back pvp so we can do litteraly anything else than replaying content for the millionth time, please.


I got into TSW/SWL because of the story, but the standout moment in my 5 years on/off playing was a (very rare) night of 25-a-side Fusang. SO MUCH FUN! I’d love to see it come back in some form. Could it be done as factionless? e.g. you just join the team with the lowest population at that point? No idea how global rewards would be sorted, though.


PvP broke TSW in my opinion. I do not have a will to see that in Legends.
Once implemented, PvP will require so many acts of balancing that PvE will be damaged…again. I enjoyed El Dorado and Stonehenge but do not want to see Legends go in that direction.


Simply increase the global cooldown of all AoE abilities, and give a significant decrease to damage/healing output, which forces players to pick abilities to debuff, stun and purge enemies (more tactical play?). Should only apply when engaged in PvP ^^


Warframe offers such type of adjustments when you play in Conclave (PvP) so these systems do work.


PVE was never broken in TSW. There were a couple ability changes that made a lot of people cry, especially a number of PVE players that were unable to adapt when there cookie cutter builds were altered. But it was certainly not broken, in fact most PVE content was a faceroll to complete.

That being said I’ve noted several times in this post that I recougnize this as being a story driven PVE focused game and I would advise that any ability changes only occur if they can be restricted to only PVP content. Alternately they could remove certain skills from use in PVP matches instead of tinkering with them in an attempt to balance things.

I was endgame in all content and was never effected by PvP skill changes in TSW however I was also quite good at adapting to the changes.


While i would love to wear my PVP outfits - Sadly M can not.
I have a Faction rank outfit, but it’s hideous on the new Mother toon, she looks like a battered old bag of crab meat. Apparently i’m not allowed to share :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


My build was never “cookie cutter,” but the rather simple PvE build was nerffed to the point of frustration because of issues some players were calling out in PvP. The only possibility of adapting my build was to change the way I played to accommodate the complainers and that was not an option with me.

I disagree that PvP was not broken as it very much was. A solo player could queue but rarely got into PvP within an hours time. Groups and group-content players dominated the PvP content and were favored. Any others was rolled in the dust. Regardless of what it was, I do not care to see it repeated in Legends.