The future of PvP in SWL



I wear my PvP suit all the time. All the 2-3 minutes I am in the game, popping cache :smiley:


I’m against putting their limited resources into pvp. Not worth it imo. Just my 2 cents.


Is that due to personal dislike of PvP or do you just feel it would require to large a time investment? I’ve been around since the beginning of TSW and what I generally see is a rinse and repeat of “story content gets released” players eat it up and complete it in a couple weeks then everyone sits around for months waiting for something new. This obviously effects the endgame community more then anything but as I see it there is nothing currently that keeps players motivated to play during the dry periods.

Also I can almost garuntee you based on history repeating itself that after season 2 comes out you will be waiting a very long time for the next chapter PvP or no PvP.

If you play very casually though then this makes sense and I can understand the viewpoint.


I’m reading the forum, so I’m a bit late.
Actually the war is still there (look at the date) :

If you really enjoy a game, the only fun is enough.


It’s good that the old ways are still kept up :slight_smile:
Sadly I had to remove TSW from the gaming machine to free up some space :frowning:

But… GO DRAGON! :dragon:

Is PvP dead in this game?
Funcom : What about The Secret World

I wonder if Season 2 will include new pvp, would that make sense to also bring pvp into the story missions ?


PvP was always part of the story. The secret war as it was called was a large part of TSW. So yes it would make sense but no I don’t see it happening.

Without going on too large a tangent what I’ve noticed is that there is little to no focus anymore on group content. The biggest intent of the relaunch was to in fact make this a very single player focused game.

Not just because of the lack of PvP but also due to the content trend. We now have the agent system and season 2 coming out which is great but not all that appealing to the multiplayer community. I’ve seen about 90% of the endgame player base leave the game and though season two might bring them back for a few weeks that will be it without additional content.

I could be wrong but I feel that there interests no longer are in player retention but rather new player acquisition. The more story content there is the better in this regard and things like the agent system are nice little ways of keeping players that are only interested in the single player experience logging in daily.


Funcom does not have enough resource for this. Look the upcoming map… it will be the smallest of the game, and a desert. That says it all.


Yeah … if you like Browsergames.
The Duty Officer-System in STO for example is at least more sophisticated than the Agent System in SWL.


Well … it would make way more sense to bring back the old PVP-Maps first because they already exist and they only would have to modify them for SWL. But that does not seem to happen. I think shambala will stay the only PVP in the game and i think the only reason they included it is that they can say the game also contains PVP. Not more, not less. Just to get a hook on it as an element.


I understand this and I try not to really direct my frustrations at the devs because I realize that there only puppets in the grand scheme of things and have little control over the overall plan. They can effect only some of the smaller details along the way.

That being said I think SWL and TSW has always been Funcoms crutch when looking for ways to fund other projects and it is a shame because it truely is a unique game with a lot of potential.


I see things a little bit differently. I agree that the devs probably can´t do what they want because the “suits” make the rules.

BUT … I´m really angry about the lack of honesty when it comes to the future of PVP.
(Thats at least the impression that i get.)

After the relaunch there were always people asking about more PVP in chat while the dev-streams (me included) and so on. After weeks (or months?) there was finally said something like “Currently no plans” and “Depends on the demand” / “You have to voice your demand” etc. . We DID demand … constantly! This thread also shows the interest for PVP.

Also when asked about why shambala is included in SWL: “Most popular game mode”.
Seriously? I´m still laughing … I guess thats why no one currently plays it, because it is so popular.
(So much for my “get a hook on it”-theory ^^)

I have no problem if someone tells me how things are.
I also have no problem when it is said “PVP isn´t planned” or “There will be no future PVP.”
That would be honest at least. Because it feels like it is like that.

But when i feel probably fooled and lied to i become angry!
That´s not diplomacy that´s just fooling players.

The thing is, that we are currently discussing til one is blue in the face.
Maybe just to find out some day, that it was probably for absolutely nothing.
That would be avoidable if we knew the exact chances.

Don´t get me wrong, i still love the existing story-content and i´m curious about the upcoming story-content. But besides that there is currently not much left for me to do in the game.

Before someone asks:

  • Grinding gear? What for? If there would be at least a “more fun” alternate progression-path like with PVP back in TSW … ( If you have fun with it it´s totally ok!)

  • Doing dungeons over and over and over again in different difficulty-settings? Booooring! ( If you have fun with it it´s totally ok!)

  • Sending Agents? Man, i hate browsergames! ( If you have fun with it it´s totally ok!)

  • Completing the museum? Thanks, I renounce … ( If you have fun with it it´s totally ok!)


I’m just a returning player, but I do understand the frustration. Not sure how it might play out but having played Guild Wars 2 for a number of years I love the 3 modes of play it introduced which allowed PvP, WvW (Open World G vs. G), and PvE to be separate modes of play with distinct sets of skills and attributes. And, yet, one could either play PvE and then enter these other modes or just spend one’s time creating a specialized char for these other roles. But of course as you say, you’d need more maps and better incentives for such a interaction. One thinks of Team PvP, Solo 1 vs. 1, etc. plus Tournaments and ranking rewards, etc. … Problem is that would take PvP to another level and become a little more Hard Core for those that chose to do it and nothing else. Not sure how that might effect the game as a whole, it being more PvE oriented in content at the moment. Just thoughts…


Odd thought what if they have plans on remaking pvp with antarktica as setting…hints exist that something happened there.


you might not have an issue with that.
But right now some of us are only here cus of hope, if they take that away…

But you are right, I would appreciate it if they say if or if not.


Don´t get me wrong, i would love to see more/better PVP in SWL!
But if i would know for sure that it would never happen, i could just move on and forget about that topic, you know?
Thats what i wanted to say.


Actually in the latest Beyond the Veil podcast that just wrapped up, one of the interviewers cornered Tilty and got him to speak at length about PvP. Titly’s suggestion is if we wanted to see more PvP content we should organize events.

So, green weapon fight clubs and Shambala, anyone?


Nah. Future is that there is no future. Its time to move on… out.


I listened to the Tilty interview and what I heard from it is in essence:

Tilty would give us pvp if the data shows enough percent of the community show active interest for it so he can sell it to the producers.

What does that mean? Queue Shambala and use the fightclubs like a mad man. The more you use these places the more likely it is that pvp gets some love. And that is not like for one small pvp event with everyone joining but join as often as possible, try to organise it, try to join organised pvp groups and events for as long as it takes to get a change in the priorities toward pvp.

No matter how unrewarding it feels, it’s basically pvping for the sake of getting more cool pvp content.

P.S.: I would organize something myself BUT I am already in work between other farming, my dropresearch and my life to have the energy to organize something but I definitly will try to queue often and join in events


I also listened to that part of Beyond the veil and these are my thoughts:

Playing existing PVP for future PVP:

If i have to play shambala (a gamemode i hate) just to MAYBE get Fusang for example (a gamemode i love) then i have to say it´s not worth it for me personally, because it would mean, that i would have to do something i totally hate. Thats not the point of a game for me because games are supposed to be fun.
No fun = no motivation to play.

It´s like asking someone to eat tons of awful liver (i hate liver!) just to get a tasty steak (I love steak!) someday.
Clearly not worth it for me.

Using the fight club as a “PVP-sandbox” just to show player-interest COULD be fun indeed.
But over time it probably just would be salt in my wounds because no one can guarantee, that it would pay off in the sense, that we get the old Battlegrounds back.
And i don´t see it pay off. There is no guarantee.

My personal consequences:

I agree to Sawo, it´s time to move on for me. It´s the conclusion i needed.
Listening to the podcast yesterday made it very clear to me personally, that PVP has not future in this game.
… At least not under these conditions.

No thanks, I officially retire ^^.

To you all reading this:

If you can accept the conditions i wish you all the luck in the world that it pays off!
I strongly encourage you to do whats necessary if you have the personal feeling that it will be worth it for you!
I have no problem to be wrong! :wink:

(I will continue to watch how things turn out and if there is an event, maybe i will also participate.)