The future of PvP in SWL



I wear my PvP suit all the time. All the 2-3 minutes I am in the game, popping cache :smiley:


I’m against putting their limited resources into pvp. Not worth it imo. Just my 2 cents.


Is that due to personal dislike of PvP or do you just feel it would require to large a time investment? I’ve been around since the beginning of TSW and what I generally see is a rinse and repeat of “story content gets released” players eat it up and complete it in a couple weeks then everyone sits around for months waiting for something new. This obviously effects the endgame community more then anything but as I see it there is nothing currently that keeps players motivated to play during the dry periods.

Also I can almost garuntee you based on history repeating itself that after season 2 comes out you will be waiting a very long time for the next chapter PvP or no PvP.

If you play very casually though then this makes sense and I can understand the viewpoint.


I’m reading the forum, so I’m a bit late.
Actually the war is still there (look at the date) :

If you really enjoy a game, the only fun is enough.


It’s good that the old ways are still kept up :slight_smile:
Sadly I had to remove TSW from the gaming machine to free up some space :frowning:

But… GO DRAGON! :dragon:

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