The game dont work after 5gb patch on xbox one

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Brazil

Hi, me and others Players are having issues to open the game, after the last update don’t open and always crash before reach main menu, please fix this urgent its crucible this fix to me and others play again the game its disabled.

Thank you very much for the attention :blush:


Probally SOL but hey miracles happen.

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Try doing a hard reset, hold the power button for ten seconds then release.

If that doesn’t work go to power and start up settings in the xbox and select full system shutdown.

Also try power cycling your router (if you can, unplug power to your router for 20 secs, then plug it back in).

And if you can move conan exiles and any other games off your internal hdd to an external hdd, it helps with load times.

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Do you get any kind of error message when it fails to open?

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I tried hard reboot with button press and opened the game and don’t start at all in the day of update was the same day i “installed” the game so i did all the possible tries and don’t work to open my case its not the unique thousand of others users on Xbox having the same problem after this patch