The game industry is like this // Is hair glow through fixed?

Game mode: [All]
Problem: [Cosmetic]
Region: [All]

“Hair glow through bug”
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Position player character in 3rd person with lit torch light source behind it.
  2. Move character forward and backward and observe effect on back of hair.
  3. IF bug is present, hair will glow and color inappropriately, as if translucent.

“Honestly guys, I wish everyone would lay off the idea of basically zero bugs rhetoric and the insults. Let’s try to not fill this bugs area with discontent without specific bug reporting. As a retired embedded software engineer having worked in the biomedical field as a matter of hospital grade software which is vigorously regulated and qualified (ISO/FDA) I ask you to consider the game industry is not built around being bug free and 100% safe but a matter of profit and market share. If you and I are anything alike as gamers, you have experienced your share of games with bugs, and certainly knowing that when a lot of content is added new bugs will be part of that addition. Myself I would prefer sticking with Funcom’s survival genre offering Conan Exiles as it is resplendent in glory compared to the hollow cookie cutter stuff until all the Conan Exiles bugs are gone (if that is even a thing in a living game that keeps adding content). If on the other hand you cannot wait, could not care less about the 84 year old magazine Weird Tales and some R.E.H guy, please do not keep repeating the same rhetoric and insults toward Funcom. This will not help anyone. This area is intended as a constructive consumer feedback (reporting bugs) outlet so please don’t make it toxic.”

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The problem is definitely fixed. There is still a minor light source glow-through but this seems to occur on not only the character’s hair but clothes/armor as well. In heavy fire lighted area discoloration is to be expected, and the slight residual glow-through is quite limited as it appears to be only on the edges of hair / clothes / armor.

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yes, it’s fixed now, nearly, and no, it’s not steam, so relax, people are still people, but i think most people here try simply to make the game better. :wink:

Have a great day !