The game is too annoying to play

I tried to play this game again. Rubber banding has been an issue since the game was first released in early access. 3 years later, rubber banding is still a staple of game play. Its not the servers, its the games code.

I tried building a triangle wedged building with a roof. Triangle roofs do not work. Inverted wedges with attached wedges collapse with 100% stability.

There is no LOS in the game which makes NPC agro ridiculous.

Can’t hit a giant wooly mammoth with a weapon at point blank because what is a hit box?

NPCS cancel your attack animations but it doesn’t work the other way around.

There are so many issues that I’m not going to even bother writing post after post reporting all of this. Next time when you make a multiplayer game, make sure rubber banding is the first thing you fix before you do anything else.


Attack up, the woolie bully is taller than you.
We have buildings that have been up for over 2 years with the above listed pieces.

The high pings and rubber banding is due to a big up date that trashed a lot of Conan. They are working on it…

Inverted wedge doesn’t work for me. Maybe I need to pay $20 for the inverted wedge dlc because the roof collapses everytime. I attack up, down, leveled plane and I still can’t hit a mammoth. Might be something to do with the game code. Now my base is gone due to purge. I spend a night gathering materials to build a strong hold finally but too bad, I get purged. Too bad I can’t even defend my little house while I’m at work. Lets see, should I spend hours gathering and building a new base or just play a game that isn’t bad. I think I’ll go with option 2. What a great impression this game leaves. No wonder the official servers are dead.

Most complaints about the Purge I’ve seen on the forums are either that solo players can’t trigger a purge even if they try, or that Purges are too easy.

Can’t please everyone all the time.

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If you are building a sunken stairwell and using inverted pieces to fill in the wall space. You have to drop a wall first, then put the wedge on top of the wall, then delete the wall.
That is the only problem Ive ever seen with wedges.

Inverted wedge roofs are one of the biggest pain in the аss when building. They attach to the existing pieces using only the top triangle edge, not the edges on the sides or the bottom vertex. The only exception is the thatch inverted wedges, because Funcom decided to listen to the players and give us the option to attach inverted wedge roof pieces using the bottom vertex and then only implemented it for the thatch piece. :man_facepalming:

So the only way to place the inverted wedge roof – and not worry about weird bugs – is to attach it using its top edge and make sure that the piece it’s attached to will always have enough stability, even during the reboot, when the stability graph propagation is buggy.

Oh, and on top of that, make sure you place them last in your build, if you can. Otherwise, you might run into the bug that doesn’t let you attach a ceiling to the other side of the wall to which you attached the roof, so you have to dismantle the roof, place the ceiling and place the roof again.

What weapon are you using? Are you on an official server or a private server?

Are you on an official server? Are you in a clan with other people? I find it impossible to get a Purge on an official server while being the only active player in my clan, unless I turn Conan Exiles into my second job. Of course, another way would be to leave my toon logged in overnight, but I refuse to do that.

They aren’t.

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