The Game Keeps Crashing!

I payed for this game like 30 other people on my server. My question is, why can 30 other people be online and play but i cant?? Its fathers day at 11:20 pm eastern and ive tried and least 20 times to get on and play and everytime, the game crashes!!! Ive leveled up to 50 and would like to keep progressing on my on time. Not when the game decides to work!!!

If its crashing 5-10 secs after you load in, try firing up the solo mode, let it run for 5 minutes, then go back to online mode.

Solo online or offline?

Sorry offline mode.

Forgot to let u know yesterday, that it surprisingly worked. Thanks!

Why is it that it works? Lol

No problem.

Either its clearing the cache properly or I saw a post yesterday (which I cannot find now) which the poster stated something about offline mode has all the time in the world to load buildable objects, where connecting online only has x amount of time to load… once they are loaded into the cache in offline mode, you can jump online (WITHOUT restarting the game) no problem…or it’s something else completely.

All I know it works, so spread the word.