The Game State of Building/Rubberbanding issues

When are we going to get significant changes?

  • Rubber banding animals when you argo them
  • Snap building issues…

Aka like ARK had, is there plans to update UE Engine to a newer version or has Funcom put themselves in a box without redoing the game?

DLCs are nice but the game is not ‘finished’ and serious bugs remain

The freaking rhino boss 1 hit me 40vit andepic flawless heavy armor …

It’ll be a year on April 8th since the official release. I’ve been trying to play since early access and have lost count of the patches put out. A couple things get fixed with each patch, a couple get broken or re-broken. Currently, my biggest issue is the game still stutters, my character “skates” around in dungeons as if on ice when I stop walking, and after the last patch I can see grid work all over the place…the later of which is new to me. Some people have no issues, some have many. I’ve only been firing the game up when new patches are released to see if there’s been significant fixes.

I loved the game and had high hopes, but I’m fairly certain at this point that it’s not going to get any better and I’m likely writing CE off when some of the new games I’ve been watching come out this year. I’ve been hoping they’d polish it up, but so far they haven’t and you’re quite correct in that it plays like an “unfinished” game.

I’ll likely get flagged for being blunt about it. I’ve seen that happen countless times on these forums, but I don’t blow sunshine up people’s backsides…I tell it like it is. This game has been broken since day one in one form or another and I lack confidence that anything will change.

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