The Gimp's Domain - Open PVP


I am 7H3 61MP, and I run a dedicated server open to the public.

I have a plan for the FUTURE.
I want to do Large Clan Warfare.
My current plan is to have no more than 4 clans, and twice a month(maybe weekly) have a wipe and rebuild.
Each Clan leader will pick a spot on the map and Admins will place several vaults full of materials.
Each Clan will use these materials to design and build a base, craft armor/weapons, and other tools of war.
Every Sunday, a clan will Assault another Clan’s base, then defend theirs against that clan.
To begin with, there will be 2 Clans. When membership gets high enough we will expand to 4.
*Currently looking for people to help me test starting resources for Vaults.
**Let me know what you think, always open to feedback.

Be one of the first to join me and you will have a good chance of leading a clan.