The gods bubbel

Hey. You killing pvp on This bubbel change that katapult go throw bubbel

I test it on test server demon fire Do aoe dmg big area for 6k total hp dmg on foundataion

Stone bullet Do 9k dmg. And work on t3 befor work only on t1

It to op. And What the point to Have gods and bubbel Now When u can cheap wipe any base u want

So funcom Tell me What the point to Have the bubbel for just for look or what??? This change is not welcome you will kill the pvp

You. Have every time nerf the pvp defance never get good defance.

You farm yours ■■■ off and you can get like 20min-1h wipe easyer. Whit acid arrow spam on thralls from
Far away no chance to defance

Now you make even more easy to get wipe from
Bubbel change people will
Offline wipe u from stone bullet

Look ark stil have more player a lot more they have good system on pvp you can make u bubbel no one can raid you in 2-4 week. U can keep play and progress . I Ben play in this game
Since beta. And always ppl leav the game after 1 _3 wipe and a lot of the change sever. Many server have die because of this wipe you need make raid very hard. If ppl want. Easy wipe and monthly wipe make a difference for them you have many emty server. many Have farms for month progress get wipe when you are in work or outside whit Yours family or friends eating food. You can’t push all to
Max hardcore play no one can be online all raid time .
the bubbel was good. For this thing.

Now we don’t have any defance. And you said in stream ppl can be very safe no u can’t. Be. Because u can wipe any base in 1h-3h. I have like wipe 3-6 bases whit bubbel u just wipe all foundation spam so close To the pillar Base and do tower and cast orbs in side bubbel orbs work

And You have this for bubbel when goda back 6x gods can wipe bubbel.

If I was like play ark or rust I should do it. Ark have best defance. U Can stack bubbel days to 500 days if you want
In Conan 36h is nothing. Ppl leav conan not because of bugs it a lot because to leazy to farm again after wipe from 2-5 month progress you need keep something. Progress ppl do to not just make the game joke easy To get wipe no one have power rebuild and farm all again from a 1h wipe… when spend like 2-5 month farm. No one wanna go conflic is to boring.

Just make bubbel great again and make even god can’t wipe it

And to 4 day bubbel day. If ppl want this Change
U did make difference server for them in this u can’t just Change for all ppl many of us have a life outside the game not only like those kids like whines for more easy raid that can be only. 24/7

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