The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good
-No need for named thralls to build high end specific armors. Reduces the number of benches in my shop.
-Appearance change possible
-Better dance choices for the clubs
These are all not really fundamental to the playing of the game, and mostly cosmetic
-Stamina - I have to admit, this didn’t affect me much. I don’t run my stamina all the way down before letting it regenerate, so I’m neutral on this change
-Healing - It’s a bit more realistic. I’ve taken to carrying healing arrows and ambrosia
-Thrall Leveling - Gone are the days of hours of mindless killing to get that Berserker to 20. You can only run the Unnamed City so many times before you get bored.

The Bad
-My thralls don’t eat to heal any more
-Thrall AI is weird. If you give a thrall a mace, and they had a two handed sword, they don’t do combos, and sometimes don’t attack. Yes, I know you know.
-Thralls disappear for long stretches. Get into combat to have them magically appear.
-Thralls do not put away their weapons.
-The healing animations are ridiculously long. So, I don’t use those things that cause me to be injured.

The Ugly
-The Red Mother - combat still isn’t fixed. Thralls go into the ground, and the Mother obliges by CHARGING at you. Now, that would be pretty cool, I could get away a moment or two to heal up while my thrall took some of the heat and…oh yeah…no.
-A big new update invites those clans who built garbage all over the server to return and build their garbage all over the server. That’s life on official.


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