The gradual performance decline of official servers



I’ve been playing for about 2-3 months now and have noticed that official server performance has declined a lot since I started. Official servers with 30-60 entry pings for me used to be responsive and quick with little or no delay between command and results. Now they have many quirks related to big performance drops that I used to only see with high ping official servers.

For instance, the stamina bar USED TO instantly drop when rolling/running and not have any bounceback related to lag, and it would also recover at a consistent tick rate. Now, the stamina bar gives me discounts/rebounds the value of the third roll many times; when running, the stamina bar tick is frequently delayed and may continue to drop up to a second after I stop running; and when stamina is recovering, it recovers at a drunkenly inconsistent pace, like step…stepstepstep, step…

Delays are also evident in things like attacks and the actual damage taken/received. There’s a gap between the action performed and the damage given that gets worse or better randomly.

I’ve also noticed the official server in-game pings tend to drop to 5-11 fps during heavy load times.

Yes the delays and inconsistency is worse on busier servers, but I’ve seen lots of these delays occur on official servers with 20+fps ratings.

I used to experience delays like this on higher ping servers only. Now they are on all official servers I’ve played in the past month or so (at least 6 servers, both east and west coast USA). When playing on private servers, even ones with high entry pings, I notice the lag is never like this. There’s consistent action, smooth response, and little or no delay. Their in-game ping FPS’s are almost always higher too.

I vote for a wipe of all official servers, or at least 50% of them. If you can’t improve the performance of the servers, then they’re really not much fun to play on anymore because of the pvp-ruining lag, and so they need some spring cleaning.


I’ve noticed a drop in performance for xbox, but just for the last week. There’s a noticable lag. Also I’ve started to black screen more frequently. It’s still better than a couple of months ago, but it’s still noticable. I suggest not wiping any public servers. If there is a way of rendering more efficiently, I suggest releasing a patch that does that, and also fixes significant exploits which shall remain unspoken.


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