The grand hotel me and my friend made on a volatile PS4 PvP server. It was short lived

youtube /watch?v=6Z4xfek8GCc&t=21s

Very proud of the work we had accomplished, inspired by other servers that had “community” buildings this was something for everyone to use, all doors open and storages unlocked, access to a map room. But apparently, it was really fun to blow up too, so we were told.

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As a German I will say:


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links to nothing.

It does. Just add the missing URL parts:

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And this monstrous TOS violation was built on a private server or single player right?
Because other wise all you have done here is hand funcom video proof of violations.
But I’m going to assume the builder had enough consideration to not build that on a public server.

Thank you @SirDaveWolf, Sir, truly very kind of yours.
Fellow exile @Kagarin your tier2 wooden pansion - shelter was a really good start, congratulations :+1:t6:. You have to understand my friend that this is the form of this game and eventually, a gang, decay or maybe an admin will bring it down. The only way you have to keep alive your work and share it with other people is this…

Visit this page of the forum, upload your efforts and scroll to be inspired from other builders too. The role play building aspect of this game is huge so it’s community too. Join and have fun RP builder :+1:t6:.

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