The Great Purge - What are your favorites

On a PvP server, a member of the clan had built a base on the mountain between the savannah and the Black Galleon. We were notified for a Rocknose purge. At first, it was just a standard purge, various spawns on the plateau, running into our swords and dying.

However, the last wave hit, and we couldn’t find the Rockslide. One of the guys turned around and saw a Rockslide head popping up out of th top of the building. After everything else was outside, the final boss spawned inside the base. This was a PvP style base, and had multiple doors. By the time we found our way to him, the interior was trashed. On the plus side, it was easier to get out than it was to get in. There was basically nothing left but a shell. I was on a third floor piece hacking at him, when he took out the supports and I was on the ground getting stepped on. How I did not die is a mystery.


Berserker purges with a clan are fun…like playing Marines in the movie Aliens kind of fun .
“They’re coming out of the walls”
“what are we going to do now man”

But my all time fav was beast tamers in the volcano. Lots of skill required to bounce around the lava flows while taking out all sorts of man and beast.

Close second, snake purge in the vertical cave next to snake island. The purges all start at the top of the cave and the snakes were everywhere. At the end, there were even 3 skull snake heads popping out of the cliff side.

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Everyone has probably internalized this as normal by now but it’s a pretty monumental failure of the Purge system really. Completely invalidates the idea of building defensively.


We’ve had some great purges over the years, but a few stand out. We once had a Followers of Mitra purge that lasted two night cycles over 14 waves. I don’t know what happened, but the lag from all the dead bodies was ridiculous.

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Purge can be nusty in 2 cases, the one if it finds you not prepared and the second of it spawns in your base.
My best purge however was on 3740 on the pilgrimage. It was a nordeimer purge that ended with lagadara. Like you experienced the Mitra followers I experienced the nordeimer! It lasted almost an hour and a half, I broke a yogs touch only killing nordeimer! Yes the lags were horribly and playing in US server made things even worse. The greatest win from this purge was the named blacksmith and I was so happy that and full from this experience that I will never forget it!
Cimmerian Berserker finded me unprepared on 3504! I was only five days in the server and my thralls was only Tugra and a Berserker. I didn’t knew the purge timers of this server and I thought it was the same with 3740. I was deadly wrong. My build was something really small, sandstone, full of chests, and simple benches only.
This purge killed and destroyed literally everything, the only thing that managed to be saved was my horse :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It was parked on my terrace and for some reason it didn’t fell when the house got destroyed! Awesome however!

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