The Great Screenshot Thread


Needs moar wisp :stuck_out_tongue:
Such a great event !


Be mindful of the Dark Forest’s Malaise


Another event, you can get some good stills out of those fights (and plenty of opportunity runs to grab them on…)


And this from one of the greatest cutscenes in the game. Iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Rickyyyyy Pagaaaaaaan!

Thank ya very much.


@Camazotz watching with pride as his disciple achieves mastery of the blade.



So I love getting into the oddest places and wiggled myself onto a really strange place in the new zone:


It’s the little things the devs do that really help everything look so nice.


Hasn’t been a post here in weeks, so…

Come on, guys! We can keep this thread alive! Together!!


Sonnac wasn’t impressed with my attempts to infultrate The Morninglight. Too much maybe?


“So… about last night?”

“We’re not going to talk about it.”

“Like, ever?”



I wanted to capture a fight between a scorpion and some locusts, but it’s the lightning on the rocks that I really love about this shot.


Wall…now look away.


I keep thinking of uploading a “What I did on my holidays” post with various touristy screenshots, but never quite getting round to it.

This one would be labelled with something like, “The locals were a bit eccentric, but at least there were no snakes here.”


So I have a habit going to places I should be unable to and got myself to this sweet spot on my attempt to get to the top of the casino


Spoilers for Dawn of the Morninglight;

When you take a screenshot at just the right time and get the dopiest faces.


This game is beautiful even on my potato settings.


Red dawn in Kaidan.


“Do not be afraid!”


Love how the platforms are shaped like Bees, buzzing around the tree.


I forgot the keys for hiding the UI, but still…
Since I got this fella, there’s only one thing going around in my head:
:notes: Look at my horse, my horse is amazing :smiley:
Oh and it made me listen to pinkzebra again. They have some great songs.

I’ve seen that in many videogames now, but why do we sit on horses like we’d sit on chairs?^^